Sweet News: Nadine’s Favorite Dutch Mill ProYo Yoghurt Drink Is Now Available in Leading Supermarkets and Groceries!

If you’re following Nadine Lustre on Instagram—and let’s face it, you should, because her Instagram feed is #goalz—then you’ve probably noticed that there’s one drink that Nadine loves and often posts about: the yoghurt drink Dutch Mill ProYo! In fact, she loves them so much that in one Instagram photo, you can even see her fridge full of them.

Well, here’s the sweet news. Now, you can be more like your favorite cool girl Nadine and easily stock up on Dutch Mill ProYo! The 400 ml variant of this creamy berry yoghurt drink can now be purchased from these leading groceries and supermarkets all over Luzon: SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM Savemore, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Ever Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Isetann Supermarket, Emilus Mart, Hi-Top Supermart, Chuzon Supermarket, Jenra Supermarket, LCC, Liana’s Supermarket, and Vercon Supermarket!

Dutch Mill ProYo cover final

This is happy news because now we can get our stash of this delicious drink every time we go on a grocery run—as there are now more stocks available for everybody, finally! When Dutch Mill ProYo first launched in October 2020, the 400 ml bottle could only be bought from 7 Eleven stores. As for the 100 ml Dutch Mill ProYo bottles, you can still get them from Dutch Mill ProYo Experts Direct Sellers around the Greater Manila Area and from grocery outlets across Luzon. We’ll surely be rushing to supermarkets and groceries to get Dutch Mill ProYo ASAP!

And if you’re wondering, why does Nadine love the Dutch Mill ProYo yoghurt drink so much? Well, let us count the ways.

First of all, we can tell you that Dutch Mill ProYo is DELICIOUS. We tried it out last year when we first heard about it, and IDK about you all, but we’re obsessed. Dutch Mill ProYo comes in two creamy berry flavors—strawberry and blueberry. And it’s honestly so hard to say which one we love more because they’re both so good! Dutch Mill ProYo feels so creamy and silky in the mouth, with flavors that are so balanced. It’s not too sweet from the berries nor too sour from the yoghurt. It tastes absolutely refreshing.

Giant Nadine ProYo

But here’s the best part. Dutch Mill ProYo is made up of healthy ingredients and even contains LIVE Lactobacillus that could help you stay fit and in shape. Dutch Mill ProYo is made up of the Triple Goodness of Fresh Milk, Fruit Juice, and Yoghurt with LIVE Lactobacillus, which WebMD describes as something that can help our bodies “break down food, absorb nutrients, and fight off ‘unfriendly’ organisms that might cause diseases.” This yoghurt drink also contains B1 and B2, which help improve one’s energy levels, as well as vitamin D and calcium, which help keep the bones and teeth strong. Dutch Mill ProYo may be delicious, but its ingredients can also help you stay fit and in-shape. No wonder Nadine loves this drink so much!

Another thing to love about Dutch Mill ProYo is that it’s #ProEveryBODY. No matter who you are or what your body type is, Dutch Mill ProYo’s body-inclusive approach to fitness supports you no matter where you are in your journey—much like Nadine, who’s always championed body positivity. Watch her video on how to love your body here, featuring Dutch Mill ProYo:

Feeling uber excited? Spread this sweet, happy news to your fellow Dutch Mill ProYo x Nadine fans! Head on now to a leading supermarket, grocery, or convenience store near you to stock up on Dutch Mill ProYo 400 or 100 ml! PS: Take it easy on the hoarding, folks!

Have you spotted Dutch Mill ProYo in your nearest supermarket yet? Take a photo and share with us why you love this yoghurt drink in the comments!

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