Surfiesta Spreading the LabaText Love at Dangwa on Valentines!

Surfiesta Spreading the LabaText Love at Dangwa on Valentines!


Known everywhere as the premier flower market in Manila, Dangwa is the center of business and attention during Valentine’s Day. Droves of people flock here every year in order to purchase affordable bouquets of flowers for their loved ones fresh from the suppliers. With all of this commotion, the media are ever present in order to report on the latest happenings here. This was the perfect place and time for any publicity stint.




A team from Unilever organized an event that took this opportunity to promote Surfiesta, Unilever’s Surf promo of getting free Smart texts for every sachet.

The team forayed into the crowded streets of Dangwa much to the entire district’s surprise. Early in the morning, a massive flyering was executed right before the main event. Thousands of flyers were handed to passersby, informing them of Surf’s promo. After a few hours, the team took the place by storm as they engaged in a simultaneous dance performance throughout the marketplace participated by over 50 people.



Dancing to LabaText, listeners were not only  treated to a catchy jingle but were also informed of Surf’s promo mechanics. In addition to the mob of dancers on the street, bubbles also filled the air with the sweet aroma of flowers. The performers made their way through the masses of Dangwa; giving away hundreds of Surf sachets to the people they meet along the way. Just as things were about to settle down in Dangwa, Boy Bula, Surf’s bubbly and cuddly mascot, made an appearance and started giving away flowers and Surf sachets to the crowd.




Amidst all the chaos of Dangwa during Valentine’s Day, this frenzy of dancing, music, bubbles, and freebies was a totally new and refreshing experience for everyone.

Photo Credits to Ken Chua

Surfiesta Spreading the LabaText Love at Dangwa on Valentines!

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