Support Local: Narlet Creations Sells Beautiful and Chic Handmade Accessories

Words and photos by Gabi Fresnido

Give your outfit a little oomf and trade in your basic earrings for these stylish accessories. Narlet Gigantone, the person behind the Instagram shop Narlet Creations, makes these unique earrings by herself! Ditch the basic hoops or tassel earrings and level up your accessory-gaming with these pieces!

Name: Linda

Name: Leticia

Name: Camila

These earrings are far from the basic tassel and hoop earrings that became a popular trend last 2018. The accessories have indigenous-like patterns and designs that honor our Filipino culture in this modern era. The pieces give us serious Tita of MNL vibes; a more sophisticated vibe. Aside from that, these earrings seem a lot more special because of the fact that these are all carefully hand made.

Earrings that are not so simple are best paired with outfits that have minimal patterns or none at all. This accentuates the accessory more, leaving you with a classy, minimalist look. It’s also better if you don’t wear a necklace because it would look a bit much, but if you have to, choose a simple one. Here are some ideas:

If you’re looking for versatility, these earrings got it! You can wear these on the beach or when you’re just casually strolling around town as well as in more formal occasions like parties and meetings. There are a range of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from; just make sure it complements your outfit, and you’re good to go!

When your whole outfit looks plain and austere, embellish it with these statement pieces to add a flourish to your appearance. Even better, you can wear these in both formal and casual events.

Want to order a few of those for yourself? Check out their shop!

Narlet Creations

Instagram: @narletcreations


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