Super Vase: 10 Beautiful Vases to Give Your Tita Friends For Christmas

The pandemic produced many plantitos and plantitas. Some also picked up the hobby of making beautiful dried flowers for their homes. So we scoured Lazada to find beautiful vases for those beautiful plants. Here are some of our favorites!

Catwoman Bubble Gum Vase

Your quirky titos and titas are in for a treat with this resin vase. It is a perfect centerpiece to a work or study area. It can hold your succulents, flowers, herbs or even your stationery items.

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Doll-shaped Sculpture Vase

If you want a unique art piece and a vase in one, this vase can check all those boxes. It comes in different colors and sizes depending on what plant you want to place.

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Ceramic Vase

The ceramic and iron combination of this vase makes it perfect for storing small plants or even for your pens or dining utensils. It comes in grey, pink, green, blue, and dark green.

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Leaf Vase

Your dried flowers and other plants will be happy in this leaf-shaped vase. It’s matte in texture and has non-slip cushions to protect furniture surfaces. It is hand-made, waterproof, and anti-corrosion.

Succulent Vase

This Greco-Roman inspired planter is ready to house your small plants, herbs, succulents, or cacti. There is also water drainage at the bottom for easier cleaning or to prevent your plant to get overwatered.

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Corgi Succulent Vase

If you want something quirky, this corgi vase is something that will add cuteness to your work or study area.

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Iron and Ceramic Vase

This Nordic-inspired vase is made out of a metal frame and high boron silicon glass that can house some of your favorite dried flowers.

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Geometric Hanging Planter

If you need something to house your air plants, then this stylish geometric planter is the one. It is suitable for creepers, shrubs and small ferns. It comes with a small test-tube so the roots can be submerged in water if needed.

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Silicone Vase

If you have kids at home and you are afraid that your vases might break, then these Silicone vases are something you should check out. The base of these vases have a suction underneath to make sure it won’t fall or tip over. It is also made of silicone material so it wouldn’t break easily. Aside from durability, it also has beautiful geometric designs and colors to match any personality.

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Cute Girl Vase

These beautiful resin vases can be used for your dried flowers or even your pens. There are different sizes and designs to choose from, depending on the functionality you are looking for.

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