Super Cool Nintendo Game Room Designed By Someone’s Mom

Are you a gamer? Have you been playing video games since the days of the original Nintendo system? I still remember the very first time I held a Nintendo controller in my hands and played Super Mario Bros with my dad. Ah, those were the days that ignited my passion for all things geeky. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or play games for fun, though, you are still sure to appreciate this super cool Nintendo game room that someone’s mom designed for them:

Nintendo Room 1




The magic is about to unfold.Nintendo Room 2

A bit bothered that there are four buttons on the right. Pretty sure the Nintendo controller only had two.


Nintendo Room



Nintendo Room

Love it!!!

(We merely found these photos floating around the Internet and do not know who owns this room or these photos. If you know who the original owner is, please do let us know, so we can credit them accordingly.)

Isn’t this awesome? If you had the chance to re-design your own room, what would it look like? Would love to hear your ideas! 😀

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