Sublunar Tattoo: Your Tattoo & Piercing Shop In BF Homes

I personally believe that tattoos and piercings are a form of self expression. When done tastefully, they’re beautiful works of art on your body – it becomes a part of one’s identity.

Getting a tattoo is a long-winded process that starts even before you step into that tattoo shop. Skin art is a lifelong commitment and it would serve you well to really think about your decision to get a tattoo and what tattoo you’re actually getting. When all this introspection is done, the next step is finding a tattoo parlor or tattoo artist you can trust with your design.

Sublunar Tattoo, located along J. Elizalde Avenue in BF Homes, was our tattoo parlor choice. We visited on a Saturday morning after my friend CJ decided he was going to finally get another tattoo; I was coming in for a piercing.

Now, it wasn’t my first piercing but my last one was ages ago – I wasn’t in my bravest of moods. Here’s what happened:

Now on to CJ’s tattoo. Coming in, he already had a tattoo design he wanted. We had sent it to Sublunar with a brief description of how he wanted it done, before our visit.

When we got there, they discussed the design, made a few tweaks and they were set. This was the start of a gruelling 4-5 hours for CJ – all for skin art!

After much cringing and a whole lot of breathing exercises, the tattoo was finally done. CJ was all smiles at the end of that journey!

Having a an artist you can talk to about your tattoo design helps. This means you can clearly explain how you’d want your tattoo to look.

CJ was quite pleased with how it turned out. The details were there and it turned out exactly as he envisioned it.

Here it is after two weeks:

Sublunar Tattoo is composed of Kintab Talas, Zaldy Gawaran, and Benjie Baltazar. You can contact 09173462111 for appointments.

The Sublunar team!

Sample tattoo works

When in Manila, specifically in BF Homes, check out Sublunar Tattoo Atelier!

All smiles at Sublunar! (They were smiling on the inside ????)

Getting a tattoo (or a peircing!) is no joke and it’s a life long commitment. No pain, no gain, ladies and gents! This is why the tattoo parlor you pick matter a lot: If you’ll be in pain for something permanent, make sure you go to a place you trust!

Sublunar Tattoo



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