Stylish Fabric Magnetic Boards from Board It Up

When In Manila and in need of something to keep all your reminders on, check out the new and stylish boards from Board It Up!


I’ve got tons of work to do, besides my day job as a teacher, I manage 3 websites including my own, not to mention my MA classes at night! Though my planner is very helpful, I felt the need to put a huge cork board in my room for all these reminders. Just so I can stare at it even while I’m on my computer.


Board It Up (03)


I needed the cork board, thing is, I hate push pins! Those pointy ends just give me the creeps! Sorry, I’m too clumsy for my own safety! (heehee) Moreover, the cork board screams WORK. It’s boring and unstylish. Agree?


Well, thanks to BOARD IT UP, we can now make our work place a little more stylish and pleasing to the eye!


Board It Up (01)


That ain’t no regular art canvass, though it looks like one, it’s actually a magnetic board! Perfect to clip on all those reminders, vouchers and even memorable photos! These boards are also covered with cloth, fabric and others. The fabric used on the board above was actually soft to touch.


Board It Up (02)


Nice huh? All you need are some cool magnets and voila! Safe to use not just for clumsy people like myself, but for areas with kids too. Hmm… maybe I should place one of these in my classrooms?



Board it up has got tons of designs to choose from. Moreover, their boards come in 2 sizes:

  • Small 12×16 (P499.50)
  • Large 18×24 (P799.50)


Check out the Board It Up Facebook Page for more awesome designs! 

Board It Up (05)

Board It Up (07)

Board It Up (06)


So what are you waiting for? Lose those cork boards and replace them with these stylish magnetic boards from Board It Up! Check out their page for more designs!


Board It Up