Studio in Your Pocket? That’s Possible with This New Smartphone

The new vivo V27 5G has the Aura Light Portrait Algorithm that will surely help you take amazing photos!

Imagine being able to create quality content anytime, anywhere, and without the hassle of bringing so many gadgets. A smartphone that can keep up with your lifestyle- content, entertainment, games and so much more. All packed in a stylish phone that you can’t keep your hands off of- that’s what the vivo V27 can offer + so much more.

We’ve been using the vivo V27 5G for more than a week now and I can attest to how it’s really a studio in your pocket. We’ve been having so much fun creating content all day because we never have to worry about lighting conditions, stabilization, or anything else, we can just have fun and create memories that will last forever.

Launched last week, the vivo V27 series is dubbed as “Aura Portrait Master” which produces the ultimate photos. We were lucky to be one of the first few people to test it out and you can see some of the sample photos in the above gallery.

We loved all the photos we took during the day. Good lighting helped us take all these great photos. When you zoom in on the photos, you will see even the smallest details and it is really at par with the mirrorless camera that we usually use.

Though the day photos were so good, the vivo V27 5G’s camera has an Aura Portrait Algorithm feature that can easily light up your photos in low light conditions. It can automatically assess how much light you will need in your photos to make sure that each image you take doesn’t come out as too bright or too dark. Each photo is perfectly lit to show all the details of the subject you are taking photos of.

We tried taking photos on all the different modes of the vivo V27 and found out that the best way is to use its high-resolution mode with aura light to maximize the performance of its 50MP rear camera, especially when using it in low-light conditions.

Below is a sample photo of a cat. We wanted to use this subject so you can see the great detail on each strand of its hair from the head down to the tail and feet.


Screen Shot 2023 03 29 at 12.30.19 AM

The aura light technology of vivo V27 is the first of its kind and it is better than traditional smartphone flash because it automatically adjusts depending on the lighting condition.

The vivo V27 is also packed with the SONY IMX 776V making sure that each photo is studio quality. I loved the self-shoot studios but with this smartphone, I can easily transform any space and location into my own studio.

Since it’s summer and we will be taking on travel and food adventures, we are loving the OIS+EIS Dual Ultra Stabilization that lets you take clear photos and videos even when in moving vehicles.

IMG 20230328 210801

There is also a vlogging mode where you can utilize the 50MP Eye Autofocus vlogging front camera. The camera resolution for both the rear and front cameras are the same so you don’t have to switch from one to another when recording your vlogs. The Eye Autofocus will help the camera focus on you as the main subject even when moving while recording.


If you are on the go or a little pressed for time, the vivo V27 5G has vlog templates readily available when you open your camera. No need to go to another app, just hit record and it’s ready to be shared.

 The camera is probably the biggest selling point for the vivo V27 but we are also loving how they created the exterior of the phone to be photo-taking friendly.

Screen Shot 2023 03 29 at 12.35.04 AM

The phone is super easy to grip when taking photos or vlogging because of the ultra-thin grip of just 7.36mm. The 3D curved screen is also great for multi-media. The full-view display offers an immersive experience whether you are creating content, watching your favorite movies/series, or even playing games.


Since you will be using the phone non-stop for taking photos, videos, and more, the vivo V27 5G has a 4600 mAh battery that can be charged to 50% in 18 minutes with its 66W Flash-Charge feature.

Picture1 1

I was always afraid that phone features like this will slow down my phone because sometimes, something’s gotta give right? But the vivo V27 is also packed with 8GB RAM + 256 GB ROM and a 120hz refresh rate to keep all your activities working at top speed.


Whether you are a Gen Z who loves taking content, or a millennial who wants to savor every moment, the vivo V27 is something you should check out. It can keep up with fast-paced lifestyles and ever-changing trends. It has all you need and so much more.


The vivo V27 is priced at Php24,999 and you can also get the vivo V27e variant in Lavender Purple or Glory Black for Php 16,999. It is available at all vivo stores, vivo social media pages, and www.vivoglobal.ph!