Streetdance Season Has Begun: Skechers Kick-Off party and 1st Elimination Leg




When in Manila you’ll discover that the dancing community is becoming bigger and better everytime. With streetdance competitions and events happening almost every month, it’s evident that dancers here Manila are passionate and dedicated in the art.



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As a means to provide a healthy competition between dancers, Skechers managed to organize a streetdance competition way back in 2005. Now on it’s 8th year, Skechers Streetdance battle is again on the search for the best high school and college dance group in Manila. With almost 100 ; the quest for the championship title will definitely be a hard battle to conquer.


Skechers Streetdance started the season with it’s kick-off party and first elimination leg on Sept. 22  at the SM MOA music hall.



It started off with the Skechers signature dance lead by Prince Paltu-Ob and other famous streetdance icons.




Next was a hyped up streetdance number from the champions of the World Hiphop International dance competiton, adult division. Our country’s very own The Crew.



The first elimination leg for the high school division was started off by year 6 champions LSGH Airforce. Setting the standards high from the beginning with a powerful streetdance routine, they managed to be one of the top ten finalists qualified to advance in the final battle. 




St. Marks Institute’s Campus Image Revolver also made it to the top ten. This year 4 champion title holder presented a streetdance choreography paired with rock flavor.


Another champion title holder of Skechers Streetdance battle year 5, Claret School of Quezon City’s Hataw also made it to the top ten. An energetic and stunt-filled routine was their ticket to advance to the finals. 





Saint Paul College Pasig’s Terpsichore was definitely a sure in in the top ten. As last year’s Skechers Streetdance battle champions, they have yet again presented a different kind of sexiness on the dancefloor.


Bringing a fresh and jampacked streetdance routine was Colegio San Agustin’s Dance Troupe. They will soon present an equally jaw dropping routine in the final battle.




The next finalist was the only dance group who won the  Skechers Streetdance battle champion title twice. Specifically in years 1 and 4. Without a doubt, Miriam College High School’s Sayawatha is a team to watch out for.


Ateneo High School’s Indak will also advance in the final battle. They brought streetdance to a whole new level with their clean, unified and spine tingling routine.




Danssa, School of Saint Anthony’s dance group will also advance to the final battle. Known for their technique in streetdance and clean routines, they’re without a doubt a team to hail.


As expected from year 2 champions, Xavier High School’s Dance X also secured a place in the final battle. Their fresh approach towards streetdance is what they’re known for and this time their routine showed off signature dance moves from the King of Pop,Michael Jackson.


Finally, the last performers but obviously not the least were Marist School of Marikina’s High Impact. Great streetdance choreography paired with commendable visual elements made this crew garner a slot in the final battle.



Again, a rundown of the high school finalists arranged in no particular order:

  • Sayawatha
  • High Impact
  • Airforce
  • CSA Dance Troupe
  • Terpsichore
  • Danssa
  • Indak
  • Campus Image Revolver
  • Dance X
  • Hataw

These were all under the criteria of Skechers carried out by esteemed judges: Prince Paltu-Ob,  Jon Supan, Lema Diaz and Kenjohns.


Another highlight of the event was the traditional freestyle battle between the schools’ dance crews. Two representatives from each school are given 2-3 rounds to battle it out. The final contenders were the reps from Terpsichore and Dance X, first of which was named the freestyle winners.







Overall, Skechers Streetdance Battle 8 is a dance competition you wouldn’t want to miss. Watch out for the college dance groups who’ll battle it out in SM Fairview and SM San Lazaro in the coming weeks. Also, don’t miss the final battle on Nov. 17 at the SM Arena.






For a concise schedule of the battles please visit:



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Thank you to Rain Pangindian, Michelle Obligacion and Vijay Navani  

photos by Vijay Navani more here and here.







Streetdance Season Has Begun: Skechers Kick-Off party and 1st Elimination Leg