Strangely, Razer released its own SUV

Razer NIO electric SUV

Just when you thought Razer is just about gaming gears, they come out and surprise with a launch of their own SUV.

Razer, in partnership with electric car maker NIO, unveiled the NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition. This car is the perfect concoction of NIO’s car expertise and Razer’s iconic style.

Under the hood, the NIO ES6 has a 544hp of power and the ability to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Additionally, the car can travel up to 520km on a single full charge. It also features NOMI, which is an AI infotainment system.

The SUV sports some features that you’d expect from a Razer product. These include its neon green branding and Chroma LED lighting interpreted in car form. It also carries Hue lighting and THX Spatial Audio, so you can truly flaunt your role as a geeky road warrior.

A limited-edition item, NIO is going to make 88 units of this car. Also, they’ll only be available in China for around PhP3.5 million (467,800 yuan).

This isn’t the first time Razer announced a product that seemed to diverge from its usual lineup. In the past, Razer has released a toaster. However, it wasn’t really a serious attempt from the brand but rather a response to a viral meme.

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