STKD Zeppelin: Come Aboard the Newest and Coolest Co-Working Space in the Metro!

The concept of co-working spaces isn’t entirely new. Around 2-3 years ago, more and more of this collaborative environment started popping up and has become quite a hit among workers. If you’re someone like me who can’t resist the temptation of just sleeping in at home and skipping work, going outside to finish your tasks is always a good idea. 

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I’m not talking about going to cafes; co-working spaces are entirely different. It’s a hub where like-minded people are also wanting to get the job done away from home. Though it may become bland or routine-like since most co-working spaces look the same, one company wanted to deviate from the norm. Take a look at STKD Zeppelin.

STKD Zeppelin is the newest and coolest co-working space located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It was brought together by the owners of Stoked Inc., 8990 Holdings Inc., and La Union Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel.

The three companies merged all their ideas together and created a space where people could see more of the lifestyle that they advocate: surfing embodied in a hip and modern airship interior. In other words, it’s almost like bringing La Union into an urban setting. 

JV Borromeo, owner of Stoked Inc., also added that they are the only co-working space in the world in a living, breathing, and designing surf company. From time to time, you will see their workers crafting apparels, interior designs, motors, and many more! With this, they wanted to invigorate their guests to become equally excited to create something themselves, whatever it may be. 

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STKD Zeppelin is 300 square meters wide, which is big enough to cater to 62 workers. Despite the big number, you can still work with the utmost productivity, thanks to their 90+mbps speed! So, if you have to download or upload a big file for work, it’s fast enough to do it immediately.

Aside from their incredible wi-fi, you’ll also enjoy the place because of their unlimited coffee (and water, too, if you get dehydrated) to keep you awake. Good news is it’s only Php300 for a Half Day pass (4 – 5 Hours) – and Php500 for a Full Day entry. 

Their pantry, where the coffee/water is located, is absolutely beautiful. It is inspired by a Parisian café, which goes to show how diverse the conceptualized design of STKD Zeppelin is. In this pantry, you can work at the long table, microwave your meals, and even drink beer (they sell beer!). Just remember basic co-working space etiquette: clean up what you use.

Now, if you’re in a big group and you need to host an exclusive discussion, they have two types of meeting rooms available for rent: the Airship Meeting Room (Php1,000/hr) and the Gallery Meeting Room (Php1,500/hr). Both types can hold up to 12 people.

The difference between the two is the interior. The Airship has a vibrant mural, while The Gallery contains artwork and paintings around the room to boost your imagination (both include a projector in case you need it). 

STKD Zeppelin can also be the venue for your next event. For only Php5,000/hour, you can get the whole place to yourselves. Of course, microphones and a sound system will be provided, but that’s not the only good news: there is no corkage fee if you decided to bring in food/drinks! Just let them know ahead of time if you’re planning to serve food for your program.  The stage can be used for events or, on normal days, as a place to lie down while working!

Whether you’re doing your paper or working from home, this is the place where you can get the job done peacefully in a dynamic and creative environment. Before this place becomes popular, go ahead and be one of the first people to come aboard the airship of STKD Zeppelin! 

PS: This place is a great photoshoot place, too! #NoShame! 

STKD Zeppelin

11 Brixton St, Pasig

Monday to Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM  


Instagram: @stkdzeppelin 


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