Steve Angello Made This Retired Party Goer Get Out of Her Pajamas

Friday nights are the best time to relax, unwind and of course, party! As a retired party goer, I don’t usually get excited to go out and party anymore. I usually prefer a quiet night at home snuggling in bed. However, when I heard that Steve Angello was performing at the Cove, I knew I had to get out of my pajamas and attend this event.

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You might be wondering, who’s Steve Angello? The name sounds familiar, yes? Well, this legendary DJ was once a member of the group Swedish House Mafia with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. “Save the World”, “Miami to Ibiza, “Greyhound” and “Don’t You Worry Child” are some of their most popular hits. I was overly eager since it would also be my first time at the prestigious The Cove Manila over at Okada.

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The moment I walked into the venue, I knew there could’ve been no other venue as perfect as the Cove for someone as legendary as Steve Angello. While waiting for the performers, we were graced with various talented acrobats, and of course another equally talented DJ, Jason Dewey. He made sure the crowd was pumped by the time Steve Angello took the stage.

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Angello’s entrance was remarkable. The black and white visuals enticed the audience right about the time his image popped out of the screen. By the time his first beat dropped, the crowd was hyped to perfection dancing along every beat.

Steve Angello 14

In the middle of his set, he asked the crowd to raise their hands and sing to the song. It was Levels by Avicii. It was his small tribute to an equally talented musician who left us early this year. The moment was divine as everyone was singing and dancing to his beats hoping it’d reach EDM heaven.

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It was such an unforgettable night and sight. The wave of people propping their colored glow sticks while making sure they catch every drop and every beat. I was standing and dancing for about four hours, but I didn’t even feel that my legs were almost sore. Surely though, this is how it must feel to party with legends.