Staycation : Top 7 Reasons That Make Oakwood Premier Your Best


When In Manila, saying the word “staycation” can bring out thoughts of soft linen, cool & cozy ambiance, lounging by the pool and a good time with dear ones. So how do you cut through all the clutter of hotels & residences you can even rent out there?There are at least 7 things to look for in a hotel to make your staycation a meaningful & memorable one. And here is why Oakwood Premiere snags them all. Just like a beauty queen.(7)  Rooms where you can breathe in.Your experience of a relaxing time starts the moment you walk in a room.  When you step into one, it should feel light & airy when you open the curtains.


Even before this staycation, I had been able to capture beautiful wedding portrait preparations (I’m a wedding photographer) in the rooms of Oakwood Premier.  Its the quality of light that comes in with big windows and translucent curtains that diffuse the light to make everything look dreamy.  If you’re getting married in Ortigas area, book your preps here because it fits a photographer’s requirements to pretty pictures.

The dark hues scattered around the room give off that cozy and warm ambiance too.



The beds should scream “I wanna lay down on it, right now!” Snuggle up in the blankets and play in it like this little fella.


Separate living, dining, bedroom, and work spaces ensure you and your family or friends have plenty of room to spread out & relax.


(6) Bathrooms that look like a spa.

If you love bathtubs then you will love the ones in Oakwood Premier that open up to views of the city while you soak.

web-Oakwood-Staycation-1 copy

Ready those bubble baths for the kids & kids at heart.  This little one jumped in right away and had his dose of Toy Story.


In the comforts of your own room, you have a built-in steam bath right in the shower.  It has controls just beside where you can loosen those tired muscles away. This is one unique feature I love about Oakwood.


(5) A fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook for your loved ones.

The real essence of a staycation is to just stay in your room and enjoy it.  Thats why Oakwood Premier has a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook for your loved ones. Bring in the groceries & start cooking a feast!


Each residence is equipped with a refrigerator, cooking range and oven, microwave, coffeemaker, bread toaster, rice cooker, kettle, washer/dryer and home cinema system.



(4) Private Dining Option.

You also have the to option to order from their private dining menu so you can just totally relax the day away.


Order in or cook for your loved ones would work either way, as long as you spend quality time with each other.


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