Start Your Plantita (or Plantito) Journey with These Trendy IG Plant Shops!

To tell you honestly, I really wasn’t into plants until it became a huge trend on social media during the recent months. And yes, I’m not ashamed to say that I started to want plants in my own home because everyone started having them. 

Of course, being a complete noob when it came to plants, I had no idea where to begin. Thanks to social media, I was able to round up online shops that offered trendy indoor plants! In the market for some plants to bring life into your space, too? Check out this list! (PS: This list is not in any order)

7. Plaunt

indoor plants 01490

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Plaunt (which is actually a play on words for “plantita”) is an online shop that was started in the midst of the community quarantine. Certified “plantita” Rhazel Cascante shares that her online business began because she had too many plants to take care of! Considering that she only started buying plants this year, her plant journey really grew exponentially.

Knowing where this shop truly began, we can also see how it was founded on an intense love for plants. I personally felt that love even just by speaking to Rhazel online! She also makes sure to take care of the plants herself before selling them to new plant parents.

Plant parenting tip from Plaunt MNL: “After you received the plant, just let them settle on their new environment. Don’t water them right away. Most important thing is, love your plants and take care of them and it will give you happiness.”

Follow them on social media: @plaunt.mnl

6. Burgeon

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

“Burgeon” literally means “to sprout”–the perfect name for an online plant shop! Established by two medical students, it all began with a plant haul from a small gardener in Bulacan. They decided to bring continue bringing plants from Bulacan “because we deserve to have plants that we want na swak sa budget.” Now, not only are they bringing IG-worthy plants more accessible to city dwellers, but they’re supporting the livelihood of a gardener all the way in Bulacan!

Burgeon boasts of affordable and beginner-friendly plants that are perfect for bringing nature into apartments or condos. They also have informative care cards with their plants.

Plant parenting tip from Burgeon: “They [should observe] if the plant is acclimating well and if it likes its current location in the house. Basically, be sensitive and treat their adopted plant as a friend and a living thing.”

Follow them on social media: @burgeon.mnl

5. La Jardinera Manila

indoor plants 01624

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

I’m sure a lot of us are craving a little more outdoor adventures after almost a year of being safe at home. Partners Mikee and Allen felt the same thing, which is why they decided to bring nature into their homes (and other people’s homes!) through indoor plants!

“At La Jardinera, we work to help as much people as we could to lessen their stress and anxieties, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by bringing nature into their homes in a more stylish way,” they share.

Indeed, one of the things I love most about La Jardinera’s plant babies is that they come in adorable yet stylish pots which are from talented local pottery artists. They now even offer pot collections that are available in the “perkiest palette”.

They really take pride in bringing style and nature into your homes through their plants. La Jardinera meticulously curates their plants—from choosing the type of pot that goes with a certain plant, up to deciding which color to paint the pot.

Plant parenting tip from La Jardinera: “Plants tend to get stressed too especially when they are in transit for too long — so once you have received your plant/s, it’s best to take them out of the paper bag and unwrap them right away.”

Follow them on social media: @lajardineramnl

4. Plantito Plants

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Plantito Plants is a business venture started by a father-and-son duo, hence, the name. They started selling plants even before the pandemic happened, offering low-maintenance at a reasonable price. And when everyone had to stay safe at home, the business grew even more, now having sold close to a thousand plants!

Plantito Plants takes pride in the quality care that they provide their customers—from sanding their signature pots up to wiping every single leaf before delivery. They love making sure that each plant they sell is “photo-ready” and is fuss-free. They also make sure to sell plants that they themselves know how to take care of so that they can help beginner plant parents as well.

Plant parenting tip from Plantito Plants: “Research well on the plant they got! All the do’s and the dont’s. We can only put so much on a small card for care instructions but it’s actually up to our customers, the plant parents to make sure their plant babies thrive.”

Follow them on social media: @plantitoplants

3. LoveLeafGrow

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

If you’re a bit hesitant to get your own plant babies because you’re afraid of destroying them, Diana Pascual, owner of LoveLeafGrow, might change your mind. She shares that her love for nature started out when she was young, but only “started taking care (and killing too) of succulent plants in 2016.” Because taking care of plants helped her enjoy life, she continued on and started to sell plants in 2018, also wanting to share the experience with others.

LoveLeafGrow offers after-sales help for taking care of your plant, which means that you don’t have to be alone with sustaining it. They also can offer you low maintenance plants if you’re only starting in the plantito/plantita life.

To make sure that you enjoy the most out of your indoor plants, they also offer indoor plantscaping consultation to help you figure out which plant is best in certain locations in your house. Perfect for any beginner!

Plant parenting tip from LoveLeafGrow: “Just enjoy the plants! Maybe it will need to be watered, if the soil is dry to touch. Or for plants in their nursery pots, just keep them there for a week or two. Best not to repot it right away. Let them acclimatize to their new environment first.”

Follow them on social media: @loveleafgrow

2. Poppin’ Plants

indoor plants 01530

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Poppin’ Plants was started when 18-year-old Ally Manahan encountered a fundraising drive for students who needed equipment for online learning. Ally, who has loved plants from way back when she’d help her mother with their garden, decided to use her love for plants as a means to raise funds and help the cause.

Aside from allotting a portion of their profits to certain beneficiaries, Poppin’ Plants also takes pride in being a brand that takes care of the planet as well. They make sure that they don’t sell any endangered plants, and they use reusable and/or biodegradable packaging.

As of this writing, Poppin’ Plants is partnered with Kids for Kids Philippines to collect relief proceeds for the victims of Typhoon Rolly.

Plant parenting tip from Poppin’ Plants: “Do not repot your plant immediately! We have observed that if a plant is repotted immediately after arriving in your home, it gets stressed out. We usually give our plants 3 to 4 days to rest and adjust to the environment it is in before repotting it.”

Follow them on social media: @poppin.plants

1. The Greenroom Manila

indoor plants 01588

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

The Greenroom Manila is a passion project turned business venture started by Tina Caluag. When she says passion, she really means it; and it’s so evident even through their Instagram posts and stories. Even their photos show how healthy and luscious the plants are.

The Greenroom Manila takes pride in selling rooted and well-established plants, as well as sturdy plant racks in various designs.

Tina decided to offer wooden racks “in order for the people to showcase and display their plant babies in a ‘neat way’”. Now, they’ve sold over 200 racks! We love how The Greenroom Manila is such an efficient one-stop-shop.

Plant parenting tip from The Greenroom Manila: “Tips for plants, is of course for them to know their plants, what’s best for them (bright indirect sunlight, humidity, watering etc).”

Follow them on social media: @thegreenroom.manila

Special Mentions:


From an article by Diane Go:

With “happiness in the comfort of your home” as this shop’s driving force, Indoorphins believes (beLEAFS) that raising plants can make people happy.

A play of words on the happy hormone, Indoorphins PH allows you to channel your inner Plantita or Plantito persona by offering plants that you can raise right at home!

Follow them on social media:

Halaman sa Lungsod

Follow them on social media:

Green Ivy Co.

Follow them on social media: @greenivyco

Where do you get your plant haul? Share it with us in the comments!

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