Start Doing These Low-Cost Hobbies to Improve Your Mental Health

Let’s face it, the community quarantine has gone on for too long now but it seems like it will not be ending soon. We still have a lot of time on our hands so if you have been in denial before, it is never too late to start discovering new passions! Here are some of the hobbies you can start trying (if you still haven’t) to keep your anxieties at bay. Plus, our Lazada recommendations to get you started without hurting your wallets. šŸ˜‰

Try new recipes

Before the pandemic hit, we were used to ready-to-eat meals. Now that most of us work from home, we actually have the time to really prepare a decent meal that we can enjoy with our families. Take full control over the quality of your diet by planning, preparing, and cooking your own food.

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This multicooker will enable you to discover new dishes that you have not yet tried before! Using this single cooking appliance, you can roast, bake, air-fry, broil, and more. Click here to buy now!

Create your first painting

A Drexel University study has shown that making art increases blood flow in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This means that a person experiences feelings that are related to being rewarded when they create something.

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Ever feel like you have that inner creativity that you never had time to channel? Well, you can begin by creating your very first painting! This starter kit includes watercolor brushes, a fountain pen, a charcoal pencil, 8 pieces of water paper, 2 sponges, a gift bag, a pencil sharpener, and a liquid white watercolor palette with 48 colors. Basically, everything you need! Click here to buy now.

Learn to play an instrument

Playing an instrument improves your cognitive ability, memory, patience, and confidence. Even though not everyone got the chance to enroll in music classes in their younger years, nobody ever is too old to learn how to play an instrument. šŸ˜‰

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The ukulele is a good place to start for those who want a low-pressure and inexpensive way to relieve stress. There are tons of beginner-friendly tutorials on YouTube, plus free tuning and music sheet apps available online! All you need to pay for is your first uke. Click here to buy now!

Begin your own fitness journey

You must have heard this a million times and seen tons of people doing it, but how about you? When will you begin with your own fitness journey? Staying at home and wearing masks is your first line of defense against COVID-19, but your body will ultimately be responsible for saving you. Staying active at home is a must in order to stay strong and healthy.

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With limited space though, you have to maximize your workout with the right equipment. This complete workout set includes resistance bands, speed ropes, a waist-trimmer belt, power sliders, and a 4-mm yoga mat. Click here to buy now!

Write down your thoughts and feelings

Journaling reduces stress and anxiety as you get to organize your thoughts and feelings by writing them down. It leads to better sleep, helps you learn from your experiences, and also improves your communication skills.

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In case you have not yet done this before, you can write about your current mood and what made you feel that way. Start small, aim for one page per day, and then work your way up one step at a time. You may even get creative with this special journaling kit! It includes about 60 pieces of journaling stationeries along with an A6 notebook, a glue stick pen, and a kraft gel pen. Click here to buy now!

We may be living through difficult times right now but what’s important is that we take care of our mental health in some way or somehow. Always remember that you have to help yourself too because no one else can do it better than yourself. Whatever it is that holds you back, I hope you overcome it soon and be able to just start. šŸ™‚

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