Star Wars Fans Will Want This BB-8 Ice Mold in Their Lives

Having been a Star Wars fan since I was a child, my friends really aren’t surprised by the fact that I have Han Solo frozen in carbonite and Death Star-shaped ice in my freezer. In fact, it doesn’t really faze them, especially for those who never bothered to watch the old movies.

If you haven’t seen the older movies, either, but are a fan of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then I’ve got ice mold news that may just tickle your fancy, too: BB-8 ice molds will soon be coming out courtesy of Kotobukiya, the wonderful people behind many of the Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks that you see in the market today!

bb-8 star wars ice mold

I’m not sure if it would be smart to use these molds in glasses, though, since they’ll probably hit your face when you drink from your glass; but I can already imagine a bunch of little BB-8 ice molds swimming around in my water pitchers at home and my water tumblers for the gym. Fun times! I sure hope our resident toy stores here in the Philippines will carry them!

Do you want one (or five), too? 🙂

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