STAGE CAMP 2012 from 9 Works Theatrical: Weeks 1 and 2

When in Manila and you want to see aspiring actors and actresses entertain you like no other, then watch the culminating production of STAGE CAMP 2012!


I love theater. I always have and I always will! I joined several workshops growing up but was unable to do it continuously, which is why I can’t be happy enough that I got to be part of 9 Works Theatrical’s Stage Camp


Stage Camp 2012: The Actors



The talented class of 9 Works Theatrical’s Stage Camp 2012 (Beginner class for adults)



There are around 35 of us in Stage Camp 2012’s adult class for beginners, each actor coming from a different background, each with something unique to offer. There are those who are as young as 18 and some as old as… well… 40 I think? (Someone’s gonna get mad at me! haha) There are those who have had little experience in theater while others, with none at all. Some who grew up in the Philippines and still others from abroad… and even France! WOW! So just imagine what a diverse group like us could come up with! You better not miss it! JUNE 2!! SAVE THE DATE!!!

Finding the actor within at Stage Camp 2012


Stage Camp 2012 is led by the talented and all around nice guy Topper Fabregas, along with his equally talented assistant Anthony Ong. Our class just wouldn’t be the same without this crazy duo!

“You’re already actors, we just need to get it out of you.” – Topper Fabregas



An exercise of trust and letting go at Stage Camp 2012



ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! If there’s one thing I learned these past few days at Stage Camp 2012, it’s the energy! Each actor relies on his co-actor to keep a skit rolling and the audience hooked.


The first 2 weeks of Stage Camp 2012 were composed of a series of small exercises to help us find the actor hidden within ourselves. The best thing was that we didn’t really feel that we were working or practicing, we were all just downright having fun! Friendships and talent both grew bigger and stronger from our Day 1 of NAME SPELLING on the floor to our recent ONE WORD STORYTELLING. We even got personal massages from our partners! It’s fun to see how each one would often come up with the craziest and most out of this world ideas as we practice our impromptu skits! The people in Stage Camp 2012 were really bursting with talent, and yet there’s still a long way to go!



Talent Night at Stage Camp 2012


When I first enrolled at Stage Camp 2012, I just thought, hey I miss theater, I wanna join. PERIOD. I failed to realize that 9 works theatrical was a musical theater group. Hence, I was nervous as hell when talent night came.


Being on stage is not something new to me. Somehow I actually find comfort when I’m on stage, however, SINGING or DANCING on stage is a whole different story for me. Stage Camp 2012’s talent night really made me step out of my comfort zone, and I was glad it did.



The mini stage is set at 9 works theatrical’s Stage Camp 2012



One Friday night, our voice coach Felix Rivera came over to direct us as Joseph Tolentino played the piano. Let me just say, it was MAGICAL!! In a big indoor tennis court room, a small stage was set up. The class sat around this stage eagerly waiting for the next person to sing, while also nervously waiting for our own. Each one sang with their already beautiful voices, but then, Felix knew he could make it even better. He’d throw in a few tips here and there. Sometimes just correcting the posture or the nerves, and other times even having us ran all the way to the far end of the room to somehow force us to sing louder. One by one, the voices started changing.




Talent night at Stage Camp 2012


Everyone’s talent at Stage Camp 2012 was growing right before my very eyes! The already angelic melody from the actors turned into a symphony from heaven. I tell you, it was a magical moment!



Stage Camp 2012: The days so far




Using our imagination and “marketing” skills at Stage Camp 2012

“You can edit yourselves outside, but not here.” That’s something our teacher, Topper always tells us. This is a safe place where no one will judge you.

“It’s such a liberating place to be.” “Being part of Stage Camp 2012 has helped me find myself” Stage Camp 2012 is a place where aspiring actors and performers like us are able to let out all the hidden passion. It’s the place we can just be ourselves.

As Stage Camp 2012 assistant teacher Anthony Ong says,

“everyone is beginning to get more and more comfortable with each other, the exercises and us. It’s exciting to see how everyone is exploring their creative side and letting loose and just having fun.”

Stage Camp 2012 Show Date!

So… why don’t you just reserve the date, June 2, 2012 and see what we’re working really hard for! Come watch Stage Camp 2012 at RCBC! I’ll post details once they’re available!

Sponsors are also VERY welcome! We need them to make this production out of this world! Feel free to email me or reply to this post if you’re interested! ‘till my next update!! See you all on June 2 at 9 Works Theatrical’s Stage Camp 2012 Culminating Production!

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