Squatty Potty: What It’s for and Why Every Household Should Have It

Did you know that using a bathroom stool while sitting on your toilet is actually effective in helping you pass your own stool better?

Hear me out: a stool just like this, referred to by most as a Squatty Potty (after the brand that earned a cult following for promoting such a product), is an item that all households should have in their bathrooms.

The main purpose of a Squatty Potty is to encourage anyone to relieve themselves in the natural position of squatting, by elevating one’s knees above the hips to mimic a squatting form over the toilet bowl.

squatty potty shopee toiletImage from Shopee

Studies have found that such a position lessens the strain of bowel movement, reduces bowel movement duration, and increases bowel emptiness due to its effectiveness in opening up the rectum.

“The Squatty Potty does increase the rectal canal angle from 100 degrees to 120 degrees,” said Ashkan Farhadi, MD, a gastroenterologist at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California to Healthline.com.

“When we increase the angle, the rectum opens up. When we want to have a bowel movement, we open the angle.”

People who have tried passing stool with a squatty potty can attest to this. People like me, who has had one in my household for years! I’ve found that my bowel movements are so much better when I’m using the squatting stool compared to when I’m sitting on a toilet in a normal position. In fact, I’ve become so used to it that I try to find ways to elevate my knees when there’s no squatty potty nearby—going so far as to using a trash can or propping up my feet on the opposite wall. Yup, that’s exactly how life-changing a squatty potty has been for me!

Where can I find a squatty potty?

A squatty potty truly is beneficial for anyone, whether you have problems passing stool or not. If you’re open to trying one out for yourself, here’s where you can find one on Shopee!

The Original Squatty Potty

squatty potty shopee original

The original product that earned a cult-following all over the world, the Squatty Potty is an FDA-certified medical device clinically proven to reduce bowel movement strain. It’s made with recyclable material and comes in a Large size. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never use the toilet the same way again. BUY it here!

For a cheaper alternative

squatty potty shopee

If the price of the original Squatty Potty brand is too much for your budget, there are tons of cheaper alternatives that work just fine. Though they’re a lot smaller, they still for snugly against the curve of your toilet bowl and features anti-slip foot pads to keep your feet in place. BUY it here!

Find more household items to add to your cart on Shopee!

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