Spiel Essen 2015: The Biggest Board Game Convention

Gaming Library in partnership with Dyce N Dyne presents the newest, hottest games from Spiel Essen 2015 – the biggest board game convention on November 3 to 5 from 4pm to 12mn. Get to try over 100+ new games all fresh from the manufacturers – all newly released and ready for you to play during the Essen festival.

Some of the biggest hits across different game categories are sure to hit the table, including Gamer Games like CVilizations, 504, Favour of the Pharaoh, Shakespeare, The Gallerist, Tickerion, Skyliners, and Isle of Skye; Couple Games like And Then We Hold Hands, Tides of Time, Game of Trains, Dr. Eureka, and Sing it!; Cooperative Games like Pandemic Legacy, Time Stories, Celestia, and Mafia De Cuba; Casual Games like Port Royal, Dice City, Tail Feathers, Baby Blues, The Social Network, and Exploding Kittens; and Indie Games like games from Seiji Kanai Factory; Euro Crisis, and Taiwan Board Game Design Games.

These are just some of the games that we have and we haven’t even gone through half of the list!

spiel essen 2015

Dyce N Dyne will be the host of this year’s Spiel Essen 2015. The entrance fee is only Php500 and already includes 1 special German Drink and 1 Imported Beer and, of course, you get to play all you can all day long!

Wanna join in the fun? To reserve a slot, just call or SMS 0906 307 8465

For more details, visit: https://www.gaminglib.com/blogs/events/59401348-spiel-essen-game-festival-manila-edition-2015

More details including the stations and the program to follow in the next few days. We’re looking forward to putting smiles and excitement for the board game community. Game ON!

Spiel Essen 2015 at Dyce N Dyne

Unit 3 Elements, Rosemarie Building along Pasig Blvd. Pasig City

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dyce N Dyne

Twitter/Instagram: @DyceNDyne

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