Spex Appeal: Your Mac Specialist in the comfort of your home!

When In Manila and you don’t know who to call in case of Apple  and Mac emergencies, worry no more as Spex Appeal is the on-call Apple Doctor!

I’m a proud Apple fanatic, but not to the point that I need to upgrade my gadget every time they come up with a new one. For about two years now I still have my Apple iPhone 3Gs, which came from the US. And just like any other gadgets there comes a time that it became overused and it shows by some of the phone’s function doesn’t work like the way it did.

Since we’re talking iPhone here, I think the biggest problem about it is how to use it in the country without getting it jailbroken. Or is it even possible to use it without having it jailbroken? That’s where Mac Specialists comes your way. In the metro, we got tons of them! You can find them in upscale shopping centers, your local shopping center and even at the banketas (sidewalk). But worry no more, Spex Appeal will help you at the comfort of your home or even your office.

spex appeal

Your trusted Apple/Mac specialist, Spex Appeal! 

As I have said earlier, I own an iPhone 3Gs which home button doesn’t work just like the way it did. Also, I had it jailbroken so that I could use it here in the country. I remember paying a couple of hundred just so that they could jailbreak it. The thing with having it jailbroken is that it has the tendency to just fail you (reads: hang and lags) . So when Jerome Cabrera of Spex Appeal told me that he would upgrade my phone to iOS 6 without having it jailbroken, well sort of, I thought he must be fooling me.

So, I just did what he told me to do: get information that can be readily found in my phone, finding what he needed is easy as 1,2,3, after getting it he asked me to send it to him. I think that’s for the factory unlocking of the phone. That way it would function here in the country without having it jailbroken. The following day we met so that he could fix my phone.



Mr. Spex Appeal himself fixing my phone’s home button problem. 


Here’s what the inside of my phone looks like. 

I just waited for half an hour because he upgraded my phone to iOS 6 and he also fixed it’s home button problem. After that I was a happy kid reunited with my revamped phone. I agree with Jerome of Spex Appeal when he promised me that this would be the best iPhone that i’ll ever have. It has been weeks after the repair and I haven’t experienced any hang-time and the battery life is improved. I can now use my phone the whole day without the thought of draining my batteries!

I know you’ll ask me how much will it cost you! It’s a little bit pricey but compared to the price at Greenhills, it’s a little cheaper. Plus, you don’t need to go to Greenhills and be surprised by a floor full of self-titled “Mac Specialist”. Another thing is that you get to meet him at the place comfortable to you. I heard that he also caters even if your from the province!

For contacts and information you may visit his website, spexappeal.com.ph.




Contact numbers: 0927-540-7677

Like his Facebook Page: Spex Appeal


Photos by Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com



Spex Appeal: Your Mac Specialist in the comfort of your home!