Speed, Slide and Burn: A Day for Adrenaline Junkies

Speed, Slide and Burn: A Day for Adrenaline JunkiesP-005-A

If the Evia Lifestyle Center were the newest leisure playground of the South, then it certainly saw a lot of action on the last weekend of March.

Last March 29, 2014, no less than three demo races were held at Lateral Drift’s “Speed, Slide and Burn,” a day-long event that saw over 50 cars churn up the dust for a dirt rally, burn tires in a drag race, and, well, send pulses skyrocketing with drifting.

Initiated by Vista Malls, A Vista Land Commercial Development, the event also featured a trade show and film showing – “Cars,” in fact — for those who wanted something easier on the nerves.



“This event attracts people from all walks of life, not just adrenaline junkies,” says Mr. Lemuel Branal, Events & Marketing Manager of Vista Malls.  In attendance during the action-packed event were Ms. Leni Luya, Managing Director of Vista Land Commercial Division and Mr. Paolo Villar, President and CEOof Vista Land together with Mr. Ronnie Trinidad, Marketing & PR Director of Lateral Drift Philippines. “By holding these unique events, we encourage people to go outdoors, spend quality time with friends and family, and enjoy Evia . . . Everyday”….Mr. Branal further said.

Evia did just that. Aside from satisfying the public’s need for high-speed action, crowds braved the scorching heat of the summer sun to head outdoors again, this time, to enjoy a Producer’s Market. Hosted by the Barbecuers and Grillers Association, or BAGA Manila, last March 30, around 30 vendors set up shop in the open-air market, half of them selling fresh produce, mostly fruits and vegetables, and the other half, cooked food. The owners themselves, many of who were Batangas farmers, manned the booths, exchanging lively conversation with their visitors.



Aside from produce that’s “Fresh from Farm Harvest,” there was a sampling of multi-colored iced teas, clothing and non-food items, and all sorts of bottled delights. The market, encourages people to engage in conscious living by bringing families outdoors; creating a venue for community gatherings; providing a venue for entrepreneurs, farmers and growers to sell their goods; and, promoting a healthy lifestyle through food choices. 


The Producer’s Market will be held at the Evia Lifestyle Center every Sunday, from 7am to 2pm. 


Open Weekends, Open Spaces


With several events happening on a regular basis, the Evia Lifestyle Center has really become an extension of one’s home, especially residents of the high-end, European inspired Portofino by Brittany, Crown Asia’s mid-range Ponticelli, and the affordable Cerritos by Camella.  From throwing a children’s party to celebrating a friend’s birthday, from having a quick meal to lounging with a few drinks, Evia is changing the way people entertain, relax and enjoy life.


“Our tagline says: Being your home outdoors and the basics everyday,” adds Ms. Leni Luya. “It’s more than that, too. The upscale commercial center matches the lifestyle of the existing communities we have created. But you see, at Evia, everyone is welcome.”


With summer ushering in clear blue skies, the great open areas of Evia is drawing more crowds, particularly for families.


“If I don’t feel like cooking, I just take the family to Evia,” says Ric Sulit, one of Evia’s residents. “The mall has really become our dining room. We can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there, choosing just the cuisine we feel like eating. Everything is much more convenient now.”

And, convenience is the crux of the matter.


Convenience at Your Doorstep: Evia Everyday

“The first phase of our commercial development involves building the infrastructure that would fulfill the basic needs of the community, making shopping convenient for them,” says Maria Leni Luya, Vista Land’s head of commercial operations. “That’s why we’re looking for, and choosing, strong prospective locators. We pay as much attention to detail in creating our malls as in building a house.”


Yes, the Everyday Building has opened its doors to the public with guests dropping by its tenants: Starbucks Coffee, Rustan’s Supermarket, McDonald’s, Shakey’s, Kitchen Elf,  Powerbooks,  Powershades, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Serenitea, Brasas, Breadtalk,

Ace Hardware, Salon de Laurel, Neat Freak Laundry Shop, Golden 3 Pet Shop & Supplies, Alterations, Chopers Barbershop, Gold Derma Clinic, One Spa, Accupoint and an ATM Center.


And, that’s just the Everyday building. Evia’s Development doesn’t stop there. The second building will be launched sometime in third quarter of this year, featuring retail brands, more restaurants and an events venue.


Furthermore, nearby Daang Reyna, that road on the way to Fernbrook, will also soon be closed from 5am – 10am on weekends, opening up the roads for bikers, cyclists, hikers, skaters, skateboarders, walkers and . . . well, you get the picture.


So pack up the gear, gather the posse, and head out to Evia, which is already redefining the leisure center of the South. (Please visit www.vistamalls.com.ph or like us on https/www.facebook.com/vistamalls).


Speed, Slide and Burn: A Day for Adrenaline Junkies

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