Spaholics: Your Nail Spa Party Venue in Ortigas Center

 Spaholics’ skyline-themed Reception Area


Foot Spa and Nail Spa Treatment Room at Spaholics



When In Manila, and needing that nail treatment, no need to get far for right at the heart of bustling Ortigas Center is a chic place called Spaholics. Weird as it may seem that a guy like me is in a nail spa, I accompanied the girls as they went on a spa treatment. Was it intimidating? No for the design had neutral touch that will not intimidate men yet has girly essence.



Cool decors and yes, chips while having a Spaholics Foot Spa




Would you love to have Pasta and Wine with that at Spaholics?



Believe it or not, what makes Spaholics different is the fact that while you feel relaxed with all these spa treatments, they serve chips with pasta and even wine. Did I mention that it the chips, pasta and wine are refillable? You have a choice between white and red wine while pasta dish was cooked fresh by the managing owner, which was quite simple yet flavorful and meaty.



Men and women alike can enjoy the foot spa at Spaholics



Spaholics offers as well a Full Body Massage



While Spaholics may be primarily a feminine territory, there are also services that men can avail and enjoy while their lovely ladies go on their ways. Why not have a foot reflexology? Do not just seclude yourself in a corner, join them in a conversation as your foot is relaxed and clean, muscles relieved. If you want to steer clear of girl talk, you may avail of a full body massage too.



Nail Bar, convenient for on the go ladies at Spaholics



Red nail paint for Jo with a French tip at Spaholics



How about the girls? Our co-writer companion Jo Tan chose a red nail paint with a black French tip for her nails. Before they work with the nails, your hands and feet are massaged to make it relaxed. After pat dry, nails are filed, extra layers removed and the nail paint is applied. They used a Shellac polish for the nails which dries easily after being exposed to a UV lamp, fast and easy, just after three minutes. The paint stays long and endures heavy scratches, even up to half a month the least.





We would like to thank the manager and the friendly staff of Spaholics for pampering us in a cozy afternoon. So, When In Manila, do drop by Spaholics with your friends for a touch comfort after a week’s worth of hard work. Spaholics is open for bookings to people who plan to have a spa party, pasta and wine included. Visit their website for more information.



Spaholics Nail and Blow Dry Bar

The Wellness Alliance, 22nd Floor, Strata 100

F. Ortigas, Jr. (Emerald) Avenue, Ortigas Center

Pasig City,  Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact No.: (63917) 811-1199 | (632) 775-6540



When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



Spaholics: Your Nail Spa Party Venue in Ortigas Center

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