#SouthFinds: This New Neighborhood Cafe is Giving Away Free Coffee (And Hugs) On February 13 & 14!

I believe life begins after coffee.


Who else can relate?

As a work-at-home mom, having “me time” is imperative. And since escaping from reality is elusive to me sometimes, treating myself to a cup of cappuccino and seeing a different view, aside from my laundry or sink with piles of dishes, is already a milestone!  Essentially, people go to coffee shops to study, conduct meetings, catch-up with friends, or just simply find serenity. Either way, we visit coffee shops for the unique coffee experience and the ambiance.

Well, what if your new neighborhood cafe is giving away free coffee on Valentine’s Day? Yup, you read it right. Your new neighborhood cafe in BF Homes Paranaque is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day!

Bowen 24 Cafe BF

FREE COFFEE (and hugs) for 100 customers

Bowen 24 Café also offers all-day breakfast meals and gourmet dishes such as pasta, sandwiches, and more. Furthermore, Bowen 24 Cafe is in partnership with Rossa, so fresh flowers from @rossafinestflowers will be available for purchase as well as edible cupcake flowers from @therollingpin.ph! Coffee x Flowers x Dessert = best. day. ever!

Coffee x Flowers x Dessert = best. day. ever! Visit their Facebook page for more details!

So, grab a cuppa before heading to your “bae” or work on February 13 & 14! See you there!