SoundMagic EH11 sports earphones: sure and comfortable fit for your outdoor and sports activites

When In Manila and hitting the gym is your routine and you need a music companion that will ensure no obtrusiveness between your work-outs, the SoundMagic EH11 is here to give you a comfortable and snug fit, even through those long sweaty runs and heavy sets. I even brought the SoundMagic EH11 with me to my daily routine of heavy weight lifting and quick runs to ensure how these match-up.



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 4-way adjustable ear hooks for maximum comfort and fit.



Build/Packaging: Once again, the SoundMagic EH11 comes in the same packaging as the SoundMagic PL11 and SoundMagic E10M that I previously reviewed. The only difference would be the dimensions of the box, since the SoundMagic EH11 is designed with ear hooks. Just to give new readers the low-down on the things included in the package; the SoundMagic EH11 comes with a set of S/M/L eartips, a travel pouch and a cable clip. And yes, I cannot stress on how much I enjoy having the pouches from SoundMagic. They are very useful for my audio and gadget needs.


Moving to the build quality of the SoundMagic EH11, the earphone housing itself is made from plastic. The ear hook which is connected to the earphone however, is made from metal except for the main hook that rests on the back of your ear, which is made from rubber. Also to note that, the SoundMagic EH11 has a pretty durable looking cable restrains at the end of the earphones. Finally! Finally, I have encountered a SoundMagic earphone that has a worry free cable restrain.



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 They do really don’t fall off at all! Comfortable as well to boot! Tried and tested myself at the gym of course.



Sound Quality: On initial testing and through the whole progress of my listening sessions with the SoundMagic EH11, I noticed that they really do have a V-shaped sound signature. What do I mean by V-Shaped? The highs are extended, the mids are quite pulled back and the bass is prominent. This is usually the sound signature for those guys who set-up their car’s sound system with not much goal except booming and deep bass. They tend to have the mids recessed and have the bass become the dominant factor for the music and often times, just have the highs be extended.



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 Drop the bass and sweat it out!



I’m not saying that “THAT” is exactly how the SoundMagic EH11 sounds like. I’m just giving a little knowledge of how V-Shaped sound is mostly like. With the SoundMagic EH11‘s sound, yes it is V-Shaped but the mids are not pulled back that much. The highs are extended and the bass is boosted and bleeds through the mid-range. The bass does not interrupt or cover other frequencies that much, although it tends to be a little muddy. I also noticed that the mids are slightly recessed and veiled giving a little nasal sounding presentation on vocals and the highs are a little recessed as well, although less than the mids. Overall, this is NOT a deal breaker for the SoundMagic EH11. Because I honestly believe that this sound signature works perfect for the purpose these earphones were made for. The SoundMagic EH11 is made for the purpose of sports or active lifestyle, and what do you encounter through the gym or outdoors? Is it quiet that allows you to enjoy detailed and precise music? Is it peaceful that will make you focus on your music alone? No, no and no. Thus, having noise through-out the gym or active environments that somehow affect our music listening. We maybe focusing on that 3rd set on the bench press alone and obviously, not just on the music we are hearing. The V-shape and powerful bass on the SoundMagic EH11 gives it a dark presentation overall which helps in draining much of the outside sound. Let’s face it, try listening to a thin sounding earphone at the gym and let’s see if the outside noise could be blocked out by it. I doubt it could. But with the SoundMagic EH11‘s heavy and dark sound, it might just for the least, neutralize it. This is made for sports and an active lifestyle, not for an audiophile listening at a quiet room. Hence the ear hooks. And for an earphone made for sports and an active lifestyle, they sure are fun sounding! You won’t be listening to mellow music anyways, so take advantage of that bass and drop the beat while you sweat it out! The SoundMagic EH11‘s SRP P2,300.



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SoundMagic EH11 sports earphones: sure and comfortable fit for your outdoor and sports activites