SoundFreaq Sound Platform and iPod Dock Review: Versatile Home Speakers


When In Manila, it is nice to have something to drown the loud hustle and bustle of the city noises, much more interesting if it offers Bluetooth connectivity so you could enjoy songs from your mobile devices. One particular device we have with is SoundFreaq’s Sound Platform, while the SoundFreaq mainly promotes this sound system as an iDevice dock, it also supports Android devices and other Bluetooth enabled music players.

Hardware and Design



The classic design of the Sound Platform stands out from the pack of modern docks and speakers and while it certainly is bulkier, it feels more compact compared to most of its competition. I also can’t help but notice that it looks quite a lot like a guitar amplifier but that is probably just me. Up front we have a platform that contains the bass, treble and UQ3 controls on the left… Smack in the middle is the iPhone/iPod dock and capacitive volume, power, track selector, audio source, Bluetooth pairing and device display.



The left side of the device does not have anything on it while the right side hosts a magnetic compartment for the remote controller. This is actually pretty handy especially for those who always misplace their remote. Thing about the remote although it looks cheap, you could control all of the Sound Platform’s functionality with it.



Aside from Bluetooth connectivity SoundFreaq also included some other options to push music onto the Sound Platform. Support for AUX can turn your Sound Platform into an awesome PC speaker while FM radio completes the package as allows it allows the Sound Platform to become a standalone device. Plus this is greatly complemented with the UQ3 technology which widens the sound delivered by the Platform.




The SoundFreaq Sound Platform does a fantastic job with deep bass sounds although you lose equalizer capabilities when enabling UQ3, it really doesn’t matter that much if you are not the type who enjoys customizing sound elements. The device is sufficient enough to fill a 50 square meter room with beautiful sound with only just a quarter of the volume up. If you love bass? then you will be glad to know that this device produces some nice bass even at higher volumes it still presents a nice sounding boom. Overall, I have no qualms whatsoever with the sound quality but other people that prefer more umph might be disappointed.


Bluetooth connection was outstanding on this device, at first I was skeptic about the 33 meters connectivity but after moving my iPad around every part of the house it still didn’t lose its link to the device. It certainly lived up to its claim, although I am not really sure how you could apply this feature but it’s certainly nice to have control of your speakers even when you are out of your room.




App loving people would appreciate the fact that SoundFreaq created apps for iOS and Android to control the device via Bluetooth. Sadly the app has a LOT of room for improvements… while it is nice and interesting to have, users are better off without it. Investing more on this end would definitely make this device more attractive to consumers, I mean it would just be a lot better if it could function more than just a remote.




SoundFreaq’s Sound Platform is a nice getaway from the usual iDevice docks on the market. The Bluetooth connectivity certainly gave it a huge edge against the competition since it could support a wider range of products, plus with the FM radio it could still function even when a device is not connected to it. Sound quality is as good if not better than what the competition offers. SoundFreaq’s app is still very raw but if worked on, it would turn what is already a good device to an awesome add on device to your gadgets.


The SoundFreaq Sound Platform is currently at stores for only 9,950 Php, it maybe a little higher than how much other docks cost but for something that could work as a PC speaker, dock, and tablet sound amplifier and FM radio… it certainly is worth it! So next time When In Manila do check out stores for the SoundFreaq Sound Platform.



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SoundFreaq Sound Platform and iPod Dock Review

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