Bright Summer Dresses from South Sartorial: Sophistichic Pieces in Manila

WHEN IN MANILA, I love clothing pieces that exude a classic and almost regal flair in their designs; from the color, the cut, the fabric used to the tiny details such as the stitching. No wonder I’m such a huge fan of Miranda and Belleza. While these two brands make my heart flutter like crazy with their unique pieces, there’s a new brand in town that takes me into a breathtaking roller coaster ride with their breathtakingly beautiful clothing designs.


South Sartorial is a prêt-a-porter that carries pieces that are wonderstrucking. Their designs are sophisticated, classy, and just beautiful. What more could a woman ask for?




If you’re going for the high fashion mod look, then this bell dress from South Sartorial is for you.






What I love most about this dress from South Sartorial is that it’s the best of both decades! Whilst the style of the dress is very 60’s, the print is so 2013. What’s more, the dress spells chic from head to toe.




Another lovely piece from South Sartorial is this white racerback dress.







While a red dress spells sexy and a LBD spells classy, the LWD is both sexy and classy! I couldn’t stop grinning as soon as I put on this dress. It was definitely love at first dress up.




I love the cut and the fit and flare style of the dress. I have a feeling Holly Golightly would trade her classic LBD for this South Sartorial LWD. I know I would.




I’ve never pegged myself as the floral type of girl, but as soon as I saw this halter dress from South Sartorial, I’ve converted.






My favorite part in this dress is the triangle cutout on the front of the dress. It certainly adds flavor to the dress.


So fab ladies, if you’re looking for a brand that can instantly turn any brazen woman into the classy and chic lady we all want to be, check out South Sartorial for sophisticated and chic pieces you’d want to fill your closet with WHEN IN MANILA.


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Sophistichic Pieces of South Sartorial

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