Belleza’s New Collection is Just To Die For!


WHEN IN MANILA, I always look up to people who finds the time to carry a bag that either matches or totally clashes, but still in a fashionable way with their outfits. As a college student, I am just too lazy to remove all my school essentials and place them in a bag that would match my outfit for the day. No, that would just be too time-consuming for me. That was until I met Belleza.


Belleza is a bag salon that sells to die for bags! All of the designs are just showstoppers and are all one of a kind. I think even the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw would sell one of her beloved Manolos just for a Belleza.




Ain’t this bag a beaut? How I wish I could stuff my notebook, laptop, and my pens in this cute little tote so I can parade this around the campus.





I love how Belleza amped up a classic quilted bag design with current and edgy studs! This bag would make any classic and edgy girl run to their nearest computers and order this bag before it runs out.




What I love most about this bag from Belleza’s new collection is the chain strap. Very Chanel don’t you think?


By now, you should have a new tab loading Belleza’s Facebook page. If not, what are you waiting for? Check out Belleza’s new collection and shop to your heart’s content WHEN IN MANILA.




Contact: 0917 688 5885


J Confessions: Belleza’s New Collection is Just To Die For!