SongHits Festival Volume 1: An Unforgettable Celebration of OPM Music in Baguio

SongHits Festival Volume 1 stormed into Baguio City, setting a historic milestone for the vibrant cultural hub. The inaugural event, held at the Melvin Jones Grandstand, resonated with the pulsating beats of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), capturing the essence of this remarkable city on every note.

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Photo: SongHits Festival Volume 1

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of Baguio City, SongHits Festival Volume 1 ignited the music festival spirit, bringing together OPM talents such as Kamikazee, Gloc-9, Shanti Dope, Al James, Orange and Lemons, Urbandub, and many more. The performances not only mesmerized the audience but also carved an unforgettable chapter in Baguio’s cultural history.

SongHits Festival Volume 1 was not just a musical spectacle; it symbolized unity, celebration, and a collective passion for music, setting a precedent for future cultural endeavors in Baguio City.

Looking ahead, anticipation mounts for SongHits Festival Volume 2, slated to grace the city in summer 2024, promising another spectacular celebration of music and culture.