Snapsacks: Geeky Backpacks for Fandom-Filled Travels

Summer is here! If you’re a geek like me and want your travel plans to be filled with fandom madness, then Snapsacks should be your ultimate travel buddy!

I’ve always wanted my stuff to reflect my personality. When I’m on full geek mode sometimes, for example, my OOTD doesn’t feel complete because I have to sport an ordinary-looking bag.

That’s why I fell in love when I found Snapsacks. I absolutely adore their collection and the detail that goes into the creation of their backpacks.


Snapsacks started out with their Finn and Jake Reversible bag (Adventure Time), but now, they cater to a lot of different fandoms with their line of geek-themed backpacks. So far, they are the only brand in the Philippines that focuses solely on bags with pop culture themes.

They also use the highest quality materials (zippers, textile and straps) for their bags and are constantly trying to innovate and find the right materials that will be suitable for their customers. This is super amazing, especially for someone like me who loves using things that I adore until they are totally worn out.

Also, since the crazy Philippine weather changes, they made sure that their bags are water-resistant, sturdy and durable, and can withstand native elements to keep up with the Filipino lifestyle. For people who love to travel or who just commute to work or school, keeping our bags and the things inside it in top shape after hours and hours of being outdoors can be a total struggle.


Another great thing about Snapsacks is their goal to bring out the inner child in everyone without compromising the quality of their products. One of their customers proudly said that his Snapsacks bag is still in perfect condition after 2 years!

Some of their current bestsellers are the reversible Finn and Jake backpack (Php1500), the R2D2 Backpack (Php1450), the Toothless backpack (Php1100), Red Baymax Backpack (Php1100), and the BMO Sling Bag (Php850).

Considering how they can satisfy geeky whims and keep their quality top-notch, all I can say is that they are absolutely worth the money, so go and get your Snapsacks now!



Instagram: @snapsacks

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