Smokey Tours: A Tour to Remember in the Slums of Manila


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To end the tour, we were brought to an area called “Pagpag”. We were prohibited to take picture, for private reasons. Smokey tours made sure to bring us to this place even if it’s in a different area. Garbage collected from various restaurants are separated. The left overs are segregated, and the remaining meat scrapped. The meat scavenged from the leftovers is then mixed with rice and spices to be sold to the Smokey Mountain community. 

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Our last stop was Centro Salvador, where the proceeds from Smokey Tours are donated. After school, students from the area are serve free lunch and are tutored. Mothers are also taught how to sew a living, and tour guides of Smokey Tours are trained how to speak in English here.

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Despite the hardships When in Manila, you can’t help but notice the smile of every individual we passed by. They found happiness not only in the material things they garnered, but from something else. Maybe it’s from the relationship formed with other people sharing the same struggle, or just from the fact that all of their necessities are provided for. When we take things for granted, they cherish every single bit. If people from neighboring countries to their time off and lend a hand, what’s stopping us? When will we finish counting our blessings, and start sharing some?

Thank you for Smokey Tours for such an eye-opening experience! Thank you for Ms. Remy, and Ms. Innah. Your company was very appreciated. Thank you also for Ms. Juliette Kwee, the woman behind Smokey Tours



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Smokey Tours: A Tour to Remember in the Slums of Manila