LOOK: We Found Affordable Weighted Blankets for Kids

I used to have such a hard time sleeping… until I discovered the warmth of a weighted blanket, that is. As much as I love my weighted blanket, though, I didn’t actually know that they also existed for kids. So when I heard about Sleep Society’s weighted blankets for kids, I knew I had to get one for my daughter who seems to have “inherited” my trouble with sleeping.

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Sleep Society is a small business that two sisters started during the pandemic. “We had trouble adjusting to the many changes brought about by the pandemic – work, daily routine, general anxious feelings with all the shifts – all of these factors had affected our sleeping habits,” they explain. “We had a hard time falling asleep and getting quality sleep – sometimes we’d fall asleep at 3am and have work shortly after. If we did fall asleep earlier, it wouldn’t be a deep sleep.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

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As such, it really isn’t surprising that they found an alternative solution to their problem. That’s why they decided to create Sleep Society in the first place. “We wanted something we could use and that the people we love could enjoy better sleep from,” they share.

With every Sleep Society blanket, you can look forward to improved deep sleep, less restlessness, a soothing hug simulation that will increase serotonin (mood stabilizer) and melatonin (sleep pattern regulator), maximum comfort from the fabric, and equal weight distribution across the body thanks to their micro-glass beads pocket design. Since kids have trouble sleeping nowadays, I love that they have come up with a version for kids at 7lbs as well.

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I’m not the only one happy with their products, either. In fact, a lot of their customers have expressed their joy and have kept ordering to give them out as gifts to those they love who are also stressed and anxious about work. Some parents even send them photos of them co-sleeping with their kids with the blanket. “We take pride in our products as we are confident it will help more people have better, deeper sleep. It’s not just a business for us,” they conclude – and we absolutely love them for it!

Sleep Society doesn’t just offer more affordable weighted blankets than other ones in the market. You can also be sure that you will get quality products when you buy from them. They make sure that they only use material they would be comfortable using. They also designed their duvet to have one side that uses dot minky fabric for when you want to feel warmer, and a breathable bamboo side that is perfect for the Philippine weather. Whether you use air-conditioning or not, you’ll get two fabrics in one, depending on your needs.

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Want to get some quality sleep, too? Sleep Society offers free delivery in NCR within 48 hours and they also deliver to different parts of the Philippines with additional fees via JRS. Each order even comes with an exclusive 9-hour Spotify playlist that they curated themselves to help you sleep – how thoughtful is that?

Order with the promo code WIM5% to get a 5% discount! 🙂

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Instagram: @sleepsocietyph

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