Slayer Live at Pulp Summer Slam XIX: Images of the Apocalypse

Manila: A magnitude 6.66 shock wave struck the grounds of Amoranto Sports Complex on March 23 sending a barrage of sonic mayhem charging into the stadium as Pulp Live World once again unleashed the formidable four headed beast: Tom Araya, Gary Holt, Paul Bostaph and Kerry King collectively known as Slayer. It was their second and final time to play on Philippine soil, headlining one of Southeast Asia’s longest running metal festival – Pulp Summer Slam.

Now on its 19th year, The Slam continuous to bring solid rock and roll show experience to its festival goers with fans coming from all over the country and even from other parts of the globe. SLYR001
Thy Art is Murder

Tom Araya


Kerry King


Gary Holt (replaced guitarist Jeff Hanneman after his death in 2013)

Other acts that played at the said metal fest were SOG (Indonesia), Her Name In Blood (Japan), Emmure (USA), Sikth (UK) and Thy Art Is Murder (Australia) and local bands, Remnants, SIN, and Lostthreads.


Tom Araya


Evil Guitar Twins


Kerry King


Paul Bostaph

Slayer blazed through their set like hellfire: loud, harsh, brash and insanely vicious. From the opening charging burst of “Repentless” to the malevolent “War Ensemble” to the evil-sounding “Dead Skin Mask” to the devilish tritone “South of Heaven” to the terrorizing “Raining Blood”, and finishing it off with “Angel of Death”.

To end the show, a visual tribute to their late guitarist Jeff Hanneman was shown, who passed away last 2013.


Gary Holt






Tom Araya

With a career spanning over four decades of sonic aggression, there are no telltale signs that these undisputed Titans of Thrash will ever slow down, even after their announcement last year that this would be their final world tour.


Kerry King


Born of Fire


Kerry King



I hope that before the band call it quits, they’ll have another Big Four reunion concert tour with fellow metal thrashers Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth and make Manila one of their tour stops.

PULP SUMMER SLAM was brought to you by PULP Live World and presented by Red Horse Beer, TM, and Tribal in cooperation with Monster RX 93.1, Rakista Radio, The Philippine Star, and PULP Magazine.