Skinned Accessories: Going Minimal with a Punch!

So you’re a fashion newbie. First of all: congratulations and welcome to the girly club! It’s a step towards embracing your femininity, so it’s just right to celebrate it. And what better way to celebrate this than gifting yourself some girly stuff, right? Actually, even if being girly isn’t much of your thing, that’s perfectly fine.

Especially for young girls who still don’t know what looks good on them or have always been one of the boys, going the girly route can be a challenge. Good news, though, ladies: we’ve found an accessories shop that will solve this dilemma. Meet Skinned!

Clear specs perfect for low-key everyday style.

Skinned accessories aren’t extravagant. If anything, they stay on the minimalist side. The goal of the shop is to focus on longevity both in style and quality, so each item you’re getting is something you can wear even years later. Classic? Totally! Chic? Indeed!

This clam pendant necklace is classy and goes with anything in your closet!

The best thing about these Thailand-handcrafted babies is their versatility. They come in all varieties of shapes and colors, so choosing your bling for your daily OOTDs can be a breeze. Here are some styles you can try!

MILLENNIAL CHIC: Going the bare-shoulder route? Statement earrings and colored specs will add oomph to your look.

NERDY STATEMENT: Put your hair away and put the spotlight on your pretty face, adding emphasis with these heart hoop earrings and blue rim glasses.

GO FUNK: Break the norm and be the badass that you are! This nose hoop ring is bold — just like you!

GOING LOW-KEY: A pair of hoop earrings are simple yet pretty for your daily style.

YES, BIGGIE!: Or totally change the game with a larger ear accessory.

See? With Skinned, there’s no need to compromise on comfort. Simple yet stunning – this could be you. Can you picture it yet? 🙂

Best part of it all is its convenience. Everything is sold online, so just visit their site, click on the accessory you like, and wait for it in the comforts of your home! Now, there are no more excuses not to stay in style!

Skinned Accessories





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