Skin Vitals: The All-Around Line that Knows How to Care for your Skin

Lately, skin care has piqued my interest. Mainly because the change in lifestyle brought by my work has contributed factors in a big change on my skinfor the worst, unfortunately. My skin has become so dry because I’ve been moving back and forth in environments with highly different temperatures, and it’s causing acne which I have no knowledge in dealing with.

A few weeks ago, I discovered products that could help me battle my skin’s dryness. And I love them! But deep in my heart, I wanted to discover more types of skin care products to help me curate my complete skin care routine that can last for a lifetime.

And, last October 3rd at Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar in QC, like the sight of these bright pink flowers, I found this product line that holds a promise of something to bloomSkin Vitals.

Skin Vitals Launch

Skin Vitals Launch

From the left is the ‘Bug Free’ Insect Repellent. This prevents bugs for coming after you by masking the scent of your skin. The formula is currently being recreated to become gluten-free to avoid triggering possible allergens especially when used on children.

The ‘Clear Chamomile’ or ‘Radiant Rose’ Tonic, on the other hand, with the passionate explanation of the CEO (who happens to be her own molecular biologist too!), is a tonic that restores your PH Balance. This helps your skin take in other products in its purest form. Who knew that you needed to do that to keep the products you apply untarnished?! And of course, these two tonics cater to various skin types: Chamomile is for oily and combination skin while Rose is for normal to dry skin.

Skin Vitals Launch

Lastly, their ‘Fortifying Geranium or Waterful Serum’ is considered as the all-around product in the Skin Vitals line. You can mix these serums with their moisturizers depending on the weather and the feel of your skin at the moment. So mix the Waterful if you want it to be light, and the Geranium if you want it to be nourishing! So convenient in any weather or condition!

Skin Vitals Launch

Another thing that you should look out for in the Skin Vitals line is their ‘Make-up Filter’. This micellar water based remover is different from any other as it can remove water-proof make-up while allowing the skin to retain its natural, healthy oils.

A fun fact about their products is that they’re gluten-free, vegan, and come in packaging that prevents easy contamination. Now, that’s a triple win for anyone who lives the organic lifestyle, or anyone who wants high-quality skin care.

Skin Vitals is about to launch here in the Philippines and you can wait for their arrival through BeautyMNL. You can also keep in touch with them through their social media sites:


Skin Vitals
Instagram: @skinvitalsholisticskincareph

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