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This April, UP Kalilayan will be holding its primary university-based project, the Sirang Plaka. One of Quezon City’s largest music-themed contests, Sirang Plaka is a university-wide music trivia quiz show and name-that-tune contest that aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of different local and international music.

On its 2019 installment, Sirang Plaka spotlights the favorite soundtracks from original Disney animated feature films. Dubbed as SIRANG PLAKA: THE DISNEY EDITION, it aims to relive the magic of listening to Disney music and further appreciating its relations to common Filipino childhood memories and experiences. Across new trends in the children music industry, Sirang Plaka recognizes the timeless appeal of songs from The Walt Disney Studios and its unique position in the local music scene.

Sirang Plaka will be held on April 3, Wednesday at Room 400 of the Palma Hall in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.