Silliman University College of Law refunds Top Notchers’ School Expenses!

Just recently the 2016 Philippine Bar exam results have been released. CNN Philippines, reports that “Out of 6,344 examinees, 3,747 or 59.06 percent passed, which is the highest passing rate in 16 years.” That’s an astounding improvement!

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After the groundbreaking perormances of Alanna Gayle Khio, Marie Chielo Ybio and Andrew Stephen Liu, all part of the top ten notchers that hail from Silliman University; the institution from Dumaguete City has decided to reward them with tuition fee refunds as well as providing bonuses.

According to, Silliman University will not just “refund four years’ worth of school expenses of 2016 Bar exam” for Khio, who was second top notcher, but “will also receive a brand new car and P200,000 from school alumni,” as reported by Silliman University’s College of Law dean Atty. Shiela Lynn Besario.

It was also reported that Marie Chielo Ybio and Andrew Stephen Liu, who placed ninth and tenth, respectively, will get P100,000 each.

Besario has also stated that this is “the first time for alumni to contribute funds for the benefit of Bar passers.”

From left: Marie Chielo Ybio, Alanna Gayle Khio, Andrew Stephen Liu. Photo by Neil C. Rio.

WHEN IN MANILA has also reached out to Andrew Stephen Liu for further details.

“[Silliman] said that they would refund tuition fees for two years of my stay in law school,” he shares. “I’m just really happy I passed the Bar. Maybe it’s just a way of rewarding us for our hardwork.”

Was he also one of the hopeful examination takers waiting outside the Supreme Court when the results were released?

“I was actually here in Dumaguete. I was in my room staring at my computer. Then a friend of mine who is working in a law firm in Manila called me. It seemed that they had early access of the list of those who got in the top 10. He told me that I placed 10th. Then I shouted and hugged my father and mother who were standing behind me.” Liu narrated.

According to, in a statement from Bar Confidant Atty. Christina Layusa, “For the first time, not a single Metro Manila-based school had been included in the top 10 of successful bar examinees.” 

Liu explains that “what school one comes from doesn’t matter.”

I really believe law schools from the provinces are not that far behind from the big schools in Manila. If you really studied hard and prepared for the Bar, anybody has a chance of topping.

The 2016 Bar Examination results were released yesterday, where other universities such as University of San Carlos, Andres Bonifacio College, University of San Agustin, University of Batangas and Northwestern University also made it to the Top 10 Notchers. The full list can be viewed here.

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