Shortcut Sushi PH: The Sushi Bake You’ll Get Addicted To in No Time

Article by: Jemina Mission

After the dalgona coffee wave, here comes the sushi bake craze. For someone who’s not a fan of raw food, this is such a huge discovery!!!

I also want to enjoy the wonderful world of sushi like every other people without worries.

Where else should you get one? Of course, we’ve got to hand it to Shortcut Sushi PH, one of the pioneer brands that offer sushi bakes! They’re tagline even says, “Making you crave since 2015!” That’s gotta count, right?

Shortcut Sushi 2

So, what’s the difference between your normal sushi and this not-so-ordinary sushi bake?

Well, sushi bake is a basically deconstructed sushi and made into some sort of a casserole. It’s everything you expect from your typical roll of sushi except that it’s baked, and the seaweed is prepared separately.

Shortcut Sushi 3

Wondering how you can enjoy it properly? It’s so simple!  Just scoop it, wrap it in seaweed, pop it in your mouth, and boom! You’ll be addicted to it in no time!

Shortcut Sushi 4

Shortcut Sushi offers three flavors – Original Crab & Shrimp, Cheesy Chicken & Bacon, and their bestseller, the Spicy Salmon! I can see why it’s such a hit. Their sushi bake is so straightforward and very tasty.

Shortcut Sushi 5

In normal situations, you won’t see me eating salmon – raw or cooked. NEVER. When I tried their sushi bake, I was completely unaware that the tray was half Spicy Salmon and half Original Crab & Shrimp. I thought it was Cheesy Chicken & Bacon.

Oh boy, I never noticed it had salmon. I ate so much of it because it was so gooooood!

Anyway, here’s their menu:

Shortcut Sushi 6

Let me tell you one thing: it’s so worth the price that you’ll end up wanting to order again.

Shortcut Sushi

Article by: Jemina Mission