Shatter Your Style Stereotypes with Bermuda Fashion


WHEN IN MANILA, I’ve always considered myself as a classic glam fashionista who from time to time shakes things up and throws on a funky piece to put the fun in my outfits. Though I’m a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgen’s style, I’ve never really pegged myself as a boho type of girl. That was until I came across Bermuda Fashion.


Bermuda Fashion is an online store that sells boho-chic pieces that can turn any fashionista into a bohemian lover. Here are some of the pieces from Bermuda Fashion that threatens to break my classic glam style.




No words can ever describe the love I have for this Aztec printed short from Bermuda Fashion! It’s stylish, very current, and very comfortable. If only I can rock this sexy short in school all day, I would. Boo school dress code!




I’m not a tank top type of girl. I prefer my tops with sleeves. But this top from Bermuda Fashion made me think otherwise. I love the print of the top, but what made this top a total showstopper are the fringes.




When I first saw Kourtney Kardashian rocking a pair of floral romper, I wanted to try the trend out for myself, but I found her floral jumpsuit too girly for my taste. Now when I saw this romper from Bermuda Fashion, I thought to myself, “Now that’s more me.”


So When In Manila readers, whether your style is more of classic or girly, or maybe even edgy, I urge you to still check out Bermuda Fashion for boho-chic pieces that just might break your style stereotype WHEN IN MANILA.



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J Confessions: Shatter Your Style Stereotypes with Bermuda Fashion