Sharon Cuneta Reacts to KathNiel Breakup: “I too have loved as much as you both did”

Sharon Cuneta expressed her sadness over the controversial breakup of the revered love team KathNiel which shook the nation when it was confirmed on November 30, 2023.

On Instagram, the megastar shared a screenshot of the comment she left on Kathryn Bernardo’s announcement post wherein she admitted to feeling the pain from their split in a personal level. Back then, Sharon’s breakup with actor Gabby Conception, who formed the love team ShaGab, also dominated headlines and she knew that what she went through at that time is what the young couple may be experiencing right now.

sharon cuneta kathniel

“Reading this brought me back to ‘that time’ in my life. Actually, “those times,” because I had to endure my pain and face public scrutiny more than once, and I am not even sure if I will ever have to go through all that again,” Sharon said in the post. “I am crying for you because I too have loved you as much as you both did. I am hugging you tight and praying for you, Deej, and the KathNiel fandom… I am so proud of how you have handled this whole situation in this one post. That’s our girl. I love you. This too shall pass.”

In a separate post, Sharon urged all fans to “not take sides” and to support Kath and DJ’s mutual decision to part ways.

Madami talagang NAGHIWALAY o NAGHIHIWALAY na pala na hindi naman natin alam o naiintindihan, o baka ayaw intindihin… Ang nakikita lang natin lahat ay pictures at mga palabas naming mga artista sa tv at pelikula, pero di natin alam ang nagaganap pag silang dalawa na lang ang magkaharap [There really are people who haven broken up or are breaking up when we don’t know or don’t understand or don’t want to accept it… what we see are only pictures and what’s being shown on TV and at the movies, but what we don’t actually know is what goes on in their private lives],” Sharon wrote.

“Please, let us not take sides like Kath has requested. Be kind to those who are hurting and pray for them instead of judging and making up stories in our heads. Be strong too, KathNiel fans. If you truly love them, you must love them even if they are now apart,” she continued. “God bless you, my girl Kath, and you too, DJ. Only you two know what is best for you and everyone else should respect that and not make it their business. I love you both.”

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Kathryn and DJ have been together as a real-life couple for 11 years.

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