READ: Shanti Dope’s Statement on PDEA Wanting to Ban His Song ‘Amatz’

A few days ago, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) released a statement, claiming that Shanti Dope’s song ‘Amatz’ should be banned for its lyrics, which they claim promotes the use of marijuana. Shanti Dope isn’t the only artist the PDEA is targeting, either. In fact, they are strongly recommending that any similar songs (i.e. those that seemingly encourage the recreational use of drugs) be banned from being aired as they are contrary to their fight against illegal drugs.

Well, today, Shanti Dope posted a statement on his official Facebook page, urging the PDEA to listen to the whole song instead of taking a few lines out of context. He then continues by explaining the song in the statement for more clarity.

In the statement, Shanti also points out that anyone is welcome to interpret the song, but that the interpretation needs to be valid and have basis.

Read the full statement here: