Here’s Why Shane Filan’s Concert in Manila Made Us Love Him More

We’re all crazy about One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Korean Boy Bands, and all other music groups that are trending these days. However, before these young artists came along, Westlife was the boyband that swept us off our feet.

We love each one of the boys, but as with other musical groups, there is always one guy whose voice you will always wait for in a song. In my case, when it came to Westlife, it was Shane Filan.


Who doesn’t love Shane? Anyone who listens to Westlife songs definitely does, but it has been quite a long time since Westlife gave us our daily dose of “kilig”.

I wanted to see what it was like to see him perform again and so that’s just what I did at the Shane Filan Concert. I loved Shane from the very beginning (due to reasons Westlife fans know too well), but my love for him grew stronger the moment he stepped into the spotlight this time around.

Here’s Why Shane Filan’s Concert in Manila Made Us Love Him More

5. He still has the moves.

ShaneFilan 44All those fancy moves that you used to see in Westlife’s videos? Shane still has them. His performance at the KIA Theatre was golden. It was as if he had never aged.

4. He still sings beautifully.

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Shane must be a vampire or something. It’s as if he is the same 19-year old vocalist we once knew. He still dances like it was yesterday. He still sings like it was yesterday. It’s hard to believe how many years have passed since Westlife’s golden days.

3. He’s a devoted father.


Shane has always been devoted. He was devoted to the band, his fans, and now he extends this devotion to his sons, one of which is Patrick.

The night of the concert,  Shane took a video of the audience singing a happy birthday song to Patrick. The world went crazy about it on the Internet (why wouldn’t they?). I’m pretty sure his son loved it, too.

2. He still makes dreams come true.

ShaneFilan 65

Two lucky people from the audience got the chance to hug Shane in person, get a signed CD, and even get their shirts and supportive banners signed. He couldn’t have possibly done the same for the entire crowd (the place was loaded), but you could see his effort in trying to make his fans happy.

1. He’s full of surprises.

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Seeing Shane perform again was one of the best nights of our lives. When he was already making his final remarks, everyone started to get sad.

And then all of a sudden, we were laughing our eyeballs out because the show wasn’t over after all. Shane just wanted to see how much we wanted to hear one more song come on. Well, of course, we wanted more. Shane’s last song certainly filled my bar of euphoria.

How about you? Did you make it to the concert? Shane is actually going to have another concert for his anniversary. Make sure to check it out if you missed this one.