“Sexiest Doctor Alive” Dr. Mike Sends Sweet Tweet To Sick Miss Universe!

For Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the (sexiest) doctor is in.

As glamorous as it may be, it’s tough to be in the Miss Universe’s shoes right now — what with keeping up with a demanding schedule, meeting tons of different people and trying to make a difference in everyone’s lives, all in fancy heels and a pretty crown!

It’s understandable then that our lovely Pia has fallen under the weather, having to cancel a Facebook live update for her Pinoy fans!

While fans worldwide sent messages of support, there was one tweet that stood out!!

EDI IKAW NA TALAGA. Of course, Pia played coy and had a pretty cute comeback:

Mhmmm. Yeah, sure. Meanwhile, we’re back here getting all kilig and wondering whether Dr. Mike will take us in too when we get sick.

Thoughts on this?? Do you ship Pia and Dr. Mike together??


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