Meet the Cast Members of “Seoul Vibe”

An action-packed Korean movie is coming our way very soon! Say hello to Seoul Vibe. Set in the 80s, worldwide excitement is escalating in Seoul in the days leading up to the opening of the 1988 Summer Olympics. The fashion is old-fashioned. The music is sentimental. And the racing is the best in the world. The drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team receive an offer they can’t refuse and become mired in a VIP slush fund investigation. Get to know more about the cast here.

Seoul Vibe Cast Members

Yoo Ah-in as Dong-wook, the top drifter in Seoul Vibe

Yoo Ah in Dong wook Seoul Vibe

Photo from Netflix

Dong-wook, the leader of the Bbangkku family, is the self-proclaimed world’s best driver with exceptional skills others can’t refute. He dreams about entering the Daytona Continental in the US, and Prosecutor Ahn makes an offer Dong-wook can’t refuse. To make his dream come true, Dong-wook must become a delivery driver of the VIP slush funds and successfully carry out the mission, Operation Seoul Vibe.

Yoo Ah-in is a gifted actor who puts his stamp on every role he undertakes across genres and time periods. Seoul Vibe posed an enticing challenge for him, and he jumped at the chance to explore new grounds in this hip-hop-themed film. Ah-in portrays Dong-wook, the leader of the Bbangkku family who nurtures big dreams about racing in the US, and he was actually Director Moon Hyun-sung’s one and only pick for the role. “I couldn’t imagine Dong-wook without Yoo Ah-in. It was amazing to work with him,” Director Moon shares. Ah-in lives up to his expectations in his portrayal of Dong-wook as the prominent voice of the up-and-coming generation in 1988.

Go Kyung-pyo as John, S.P.Y DJ in Seoul Vibe

Go Kyung pyo John Seoul Vibe scaled e1661312672983

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John is a seminary graduate turned DJ and the self-proclaimed Ambassador Mun Ik-jeom of Korean hip-hop culture. He has an uncanny sense of music. In fact, for every stage of the mission, he makes a mixtape that goes well with the racing involved. He engages in reconnaissance work as the DJ at a party hosted by President Kang. When confronted with danger, he is not above using his good looks to get out of a bind.

From films and dramas to sitcoms and comedy shows, Go Kyung-pyo unleashes his unbounded potential in a wide spectrum. In Reply 1988, Kyung-pyo portrayed the model student Sun-woo, a role that established him as an actor. John in Seoul Vibe is the polar opposite of Sun-woo, although both characters are from the same year. John, a DJ active in Itaewon clubs who has a unique sense of music and fashion from head to toe, takes on even more depth in Ko’s hands. “His interpretation of the character exudes competence and confidence,” lauds Director Moon.

Lee Kyu-hyung as Bok-nam, the human navigation system in Seoul Vibe

Lee Kyu hyung Bok nam Seoul Vibe scaled e1661312954797

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Bok-nam is the oldest member of the Bbangkku family who is often seen wearing a yellow cabby shirt and always talking in the down-to-earth Chungcheong-do dialect. A taxi driver with impeccable knowledge of Seoul’s geography, he perfectly carries out from the passenger seat his role as the human navigation system. With Bok-nam and a map, no place is unnavigable.

Lee Kyu-hyung is an actor with a wide range, with successful runs in musicals, plays, dramas, and films. In Seoul Vibe, he tackles the role of Bok-nam, the human navigation system. Donning the yellow shirt that taxi drivers wore back in 1988 and speaking in a flawless, down-to-earth Chungcheong-do dialect; Kyu-hyung brings unique charm and humor to his character. His ad-lib skills and uplifting energy were invaluable on set. “He went beyond the call of duty in making the lines from the script come alive,” Director Moon shares.

Park Ju-hyun as Yoon-hee, master of disguise on a motorcycle in Seoul Vibe

Park Ju hyun Yoon hee Seoul Vibe scaled e1661313123717

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Yoon-hee is Dong-wook’s younger sister and the president of the largest motorcycle club in Seoul. Her fearless personality and a penchant for punk fashion match her role in the mission which has her transforming into different disguises to help the team.

Park Ju-hyun instantly came into the public eye by nabbing the Best New Actress in a television series award at The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in the Netflix Series Extracurricular. In Seoul Vibe, she plays Yoon-hee, who stands out among the other characters with her spunky attitude, exceptional flair, and boundless energy. Every time the Bbangkku family gets into trouble, she is quite resourceful in coming to their rescue, transforming herself into a traffic cop or a janitor to do so. Director Moon showed much trust in Park, saying, “She synchronized with her character so well that there wasn’t much to add or leave out.”

Ong Seong-wu as Joon-gi, MacGyver of Sanggye-dong in Seoul Vibe

Ong Seong wu Joon gi Seoul Vibe scaled e1661313250944

Photo from Netflix

Joon-gi is the golden child of the Bbangkku family, the beloved youngest member who is fondly called the MacGyver of Sanggye-dong. He is a genius mechanic that specializes in car repair and restoration, and dabbles in filming as a hobby using his camcorder. For the mission, he devotes himself to getting their cars in tip-top shape as well as coming up with a secret weapon for racing.

After making waves with his debut role in the drama Moment of Eighteen, Ong Seong-wu continues to make his mark across diverse works. In Seoul Vibe, Seong-wu plays the youngest member, “MacGyver” Joon-gi. As a teen, Seong-wu loved hip-hop, retro fashion, and skateboarding. With these memories, he felt completely in his element and thrived in his role. “I thought having fun and letting loose would give Joon-gi the depth and dimensions he needed,” he shares.

Seoul Vibe will start streaming on Netflix on August 26, 2022.

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