Cop Comedy “Seoul Busters” to Premiere on Disney+ This September

After years of striving to do the bare minimum, the Songwon Homicide Division is in for a big surprise in Seoul Busters, a new Korean cop comedy debuting this September exclusively on Disney+.

Every year, without fail, the members of the Songwon Homicide Division rank amongst the very worst performers in the entire Korean police force. Compiled of a group of misfit officers who seemingly fell into their roles, management is looking to turn things around following the appointment of a new captain to the team. A shining star who’s excelled at everything he’s done, the fresh-faced captain has his work cut out for him in this laugh-out-loud series.

Seoul Busters

A hilarious ride from start to finish, Seoul Busters stars Kim Dongwook (Along With The Gods, Find Me In Your Memory) as police captain Dongbang Yubin; Park Jihwan (Our Blues, The Roundup) as boxing champion turned homicide officer Moo Joongryeok; Seo Hyunwoo (A Shop For Killers, My Mister) as frugal officer Jung Junghwan; Park Sewan (Doona!, 6/45) as carefree cop Seo Minseo, and Lee Seungwoo (Vigilante, Our Beloved Summer) as disheveled detective Jang Tansik. The series is directed by Ahn Jongyeon and Shin Joonghoon, and is written by Lee Youngchul (High Kick!, Hit the Top) and Lee Kwangjae (Smashing On Your Back).

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Seoul Busters is coming this September exclusively on Disney+.