J-Pop Group WOLF HOWL HARMONY Releases New Digital Single “Love Triangle”

Get ready for a wave of bittersweet emotions! WOLF HOWL HARMONY from EXILE TRIBE (WHH) announced the release of their brand new digital single,Love Triangle,dropping on June 17, 2024. This track marks the second chapter in their ongoing trilogy of singles, all centered around the vibrant and complex theme ofyouth.”


Building on the momentum of their first single from the trilogy,Pink Flash Lights,and following the success of their recent hitFrozen Butterflywhich soared to #9 on the Japan Billboard Hot 100 chart in February and #8 on Spotify Japan’s Viral Hits top 50 chart, WOLF HOWL HARMONY (WHH) delves deeper into the complexities of young love withLove Triangle.The group shared that the song was born from a question:What if we were childhood friends who are always together, but fall in love with the same person?With this scenario in mind, WHH crafted a heartbreaking track.

Love Triangleperfectly encapsulates the conflicting and frustrating emotions of a heart torn between friendship and love. Featuring a melancholic melody and WHH’s signature four-part harmonies, the song masterfully weaves a tale of bittersweet longing. Packed with nostalgia, the song promises to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the complexities of young love.

Don’t missLove Triangleon June 17th! Pre-save the song now! Also, stay tuned on WOLF HOWL HARMONY’s social media accounts for more updates!