Sen. Risa Hontiveros Asks What Hurts More: Being Seenzoned or Friendzoned?

In the world of courtship, the two dreaded -zones someone could get into is the seenzone and the friendzone. The seenzone is when you send the object of your affections  a message and you see that they have “seen” it without replying. Meanwhile, the friendzone is when you have been relegated to being a friend…. and nothing more.

Following critiques that Sen. Risa Hontiveros is prohibiting tattoos in church and universities (a hoax), her Facebook page took the issue in stride and asked if she should be investigating something else. According to a post, “Dear fake news creators, ano ang susunod na paiimbestigahan ko: kung alin ang mas masakit, seenzone o friendzone?” (“Dear fake news creator, what should I investigate next? What’s worse? Being seenzoned or friendzoned?”)

Tbh, it’s a good question.

In a separate post, the senator’s page called out pages who spread the false news about tattoos, saying, “Fact. Ganern!” One of the pages called out apologized to the senator, saying that they will fact-check before posting links. The senator accepted the apology.

What do you think hurts more? Share your thoughts below!

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