Selfie Kit: Phone Camera Lenses, Monopod and Bluetooth Camera Clicker

I was on a 4-day shooting spree recently. I capture weddings and boudoir and other life events for a living (  I’ve alwaysloved how today’s smartphones let you capture and share the behind-the-scenes of any event. And here are the sweet selfie scenes behind each shoot. So as not to make you gag with mere selfies, the following photos will show that this kit also works for group shots — what do you call a group selfie again — a groupie?

Anyway.  Here is Day 1.

The professional shot – Manila Polo Club.


The fun selfie behind-the-scenes shot.  This was taken in the groom’s room in Maxims.


And another one with the rest of the wedding suppliers during after-party.


Day 2 – Beach in Laiya, Batangas.

The professional shot.


The behind-the-scenes selfie shot.


Day 3 – Christ The King Church.


In-between all that, this was happening.


Day 4.

Forgot the monopod on Day 4, but still got a decent groupie with the fisheye lens.


Now that was fun. Our obvious favorite was the fish-eye lens with its 180 degree filed-of-view.

When In Manila, this selfie kit takes out all the hassle of trying to reach for the camera button while having all your friends in the photo. It makes for some funky creative group shots, too.

You can get this selfie kit at Mrs B Shoppe – a gadget store that supplies powerbanks, gadget cases, cables, accessories, infinity rings, jewelries etc.

Pricing is as follows :

Monopod with Cellphone Mount – Php650

Colors: black, blue, pink
Universal 3 in 1 Clip On Lens – Php650
Colors: gold, silver, black, red
Remote Bluetooth Shutter for iOs and Android – Php850
Colors: black, white, pink, blue
Package: Php2100



Mrs B Shoppe


Facebook :

Instagram : @mrsbshoppe

Email :


Once that you have a gadget like this, it’s time to take it around town in that perfect suit or gown. Check out another article of mine on how to look good in a gown or suit here.



Selfie Kit: Phone Camera Lenses, Monopod and Bluetooth Camera Clicker 

How To Level Up Your Selfies


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