Schoolteacher Shuts Her Student’s Mouth Using Packaging Tape

Schoolteacher Shuts Her Student's Mouth Using Packaging Tape


Teachers are known as the child’s third parent, but like some parents, there are teachers who discipline their students in unconventional ways.

A video is going viral on social media showing a public school teacher dealing with what is probably a noisy kid. Instead of telling the student to keep quiet (or worse, sending him to the disciplinary office), she does something else entirely: shuts his mouth using packaging tape.

According to the video, the school is located somewhere in Laguna. Due to the student’s young age, we will not show the video.

Netizens are divided over the issue. Some feel that the teacher did the right thing, while others complained that it’s too much.

According to Ariem C.:


 I am a teacher and if I need to teach my students the hard way, I will. I know my intentions. It’s for their own good. Parents, discipline your children at home so when they attend school there is no need for the teachers to discipline them. The behavior of the child is reflective of the kind of discipline he or she gets at home.


On the other hand, Doris M. said:


It doesn’t matter if it’s duct tape or packaging tape, the teacher’s action is totally wrong. If she is here in my place, she will lose her job and she will be on every news on TV.


What do you think? Is this good way of disciplining a child? Share your thoughts below!