SCAM WARNING: Gate-Crashers, Imposters and Fake Representatives

When In Manila, it was bound to happen: the bigger you get, the more haters and/or users you’ll get. has grown to get over 350,000 views per month! Our Facebook account has a reach of up to Four Million people weekly!  Most of all, we do get invited to some of the biggest and coolest events around the metro! (STATS AS OF MARCH 2013)

SCAM WARNING WhenInManila com Imposters and Fake Representatives manila philippines consistently averages 12,000+ views per day, reaching over 360,000+++ views per month! 


Sadly, we now have people posing as representatives to get into the big events and sometimes, even just to score a free meal or get a free loot bag. There are reports of non-WhenInManila people gate-crashing at events and sometimes even bringing big groups of friends with them. The reports have indicated that both people who have never been affiliated with and also past members who are no longer with us due to personal problems, are among the culprits of this scam.

We do want to spread the word that we do train all our writers. WhenInManila writers are not  supposed to use our name to muscle their way into an event or to take advantage of PR firms. Our community is one that is built to help others, to help our country, and to help causes we are passionate about. Our community is founded on a passion to share stories. I tell our writers to be humble, stay professional and to have fun at events. 

Our members usually RSVP to events we are invited to and rarely ever have to gate-crash.

To check if someone is officially with, you may Tweet me, @VinceGolangco and/or our Managing Editor @MayoIlagan and/or the @WhenInManila Twitter account. You may also email us reports or pictures if any of our writers are rude or disrespectful or if any of them gate-crash, so we may verify if they are indeed one of us. You may email or

We have over 200 writers but each one of them should represent basic courtesies and respect to others. We also train each one in properly writing articles and to use SEO techniques. Each one of our writers should act in a professional way at all times.

Thank you for bearing with us and sincere apologies to anyone this may have affected. Please notify us immediately if you have any concerns or see any suspicious activity.

Please share this article to get the word out and please do send to ad agencies and PR firms.

NEW comment from our PR Agency friend who had non-WIM people sign up misrepresenting us:

“It’s pathetic that _____ and his friends have to resort to lying and misrepresentation just to get free meals, loot bags and GCs. They should give some consideration on the toll it takes on the PR representatives who have to answer to the budget and tokens they allot for every guest and not receive the corresponding media mileage in return. We don’t just pluck the budget out of thin air. We have to justify it to our clients, and we have to answer up to them if a writer/blogger we invited does not write about our event.”

To help you –

To Report Incidents or To Verify Someone:

Message us on 

Or Tweet @WhenInManila

Or find the right person to email here –

SCAM WARNING WhenInManila com Imposters and Fake Representatives when in manila

SCAM WARNING: Gate-Crashers, Imposters and Fake Representatives