Top 10 Blogger Etiquette Tips: How to be a Classy Blogger

Top 10 Blogger Etiquette Tips: How to be a Classy Blogger

Blogging has EXPLODED in many ways throughout the world! It has blown up as a means for people to express themselves, as a means for people to earn and as a means for people to do positive things!

Unfortunately, it has also expanded in some negative ways, to where the actions of a few, may be tarnishing the entire industry.

It’s a very small world, especially online, and even more especially if you live in the same city and country. So doing shady stuff online can quickly ruin your name and reputation forever!

We interviewed some PR agencies, event hosts, influential people, top digital marketers, premiere bloggers and more; and we’ve come up with this list for you to keep your good blog’s name on the good side of things.

To keep your (and your blog’s) reputation out of the gutter, here’s our Top 10 Blogger Etiquette Tips to ensure you stay as classy as you can be!

Top 10 Blogger Etiquette Tips How to be a Classy Blogger


OK, sorry, that came off a bit too forward… What I’m trying to say is actually that age old “Thumper” rule, from the movie “Bambi.” Here, the rabbit Thumper is told by his mom: “If you have nothing nice to say… don’t say anything at all.”

So don’t go to an event complaining about everything! It’s just such a burden and a downer to have someone next to you getting all negative. I’ve been to events where bloggers immediately complain about the (free) food! I mean… REALLY! It’s FREE food! Don’t eat if you don’t like it! Nagging and whining about the event, the location, the organizers or anything else just turns you into a “Negatron!” and you can expect nothing but less event invites for being such a downer.

9. Don’t be a CHEAP loot bag fiend or professional contest winner

Nothing screams “CHEAP” more than a loot bag hungry blogger. Real bloggers go to events to experience something fun, to meet new people or to discover something cool. We’re not just there to score a free pen and t-shirt!

People really look down at loot bag hungry fiends who grab everything in sight and cling on to them like there’s no tomorrow! Even worse, these desperate people bring their wives, kids, drivers and yayas to ensure each one gets a loot bag!

Of course, a cool gift bag with a product sample you can use and fully experience is a big plus for your articles, but don’t go waiting in line from the start of the event and demanding your loot bag as if it were going to run out! Even though the loot bags for the event do run out, good PR agencies know who the influential bloggers are and they will make sure you send you out the products you need to write a proper review. So stressing about a loot bag just shows how unimportant you think you are. Oh and did I mention that it makes you look CHEAP?


9.2 Additionally,  don’t be a “professional-contest-winner” and be too desperate to join and win every contest you see. Although agencies, brands and companies appreciate you joining their contest, there does come a point to where you might be trying too hard and pushing too much each time. Gracefully enter a contest in hopes of winning, but no need to tag, nag and re-join each day until the contest is done. It also screams the same thing we screamed above: *cheapy-cheapy-cheap*

8. Don’t eat and run.

Yes, we’re all busy. We have jobs, homework, wives, husbands, kids and mistresses we need to attend to. But rushing into an event, eating, then leaving right away, often leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

At least have the courtesy to say thank you and talk to the organizers for a bit. Perhaps even explain why you might need to run and gun!

Stay and try to talk to a few people at least, before leaving…. and I don’t just mean the people handing out the loot bags!

7. No take out!

Have I used the word “CHEAP” yet? Well let me take it back and say that this might be the one that takes the cake…. well….  literally!

Wrapping up the free food or asking for some take out, is just cheap beyond cheap! Eat your fair share of free food there at the event but don’t try to take any home. Doing that is just…. just…. so….. hmmmmm what’s the word I’m looking for….. oh yeah….. CHEAP!

Of course, there are some instances where there was really too much food, and as not to waste the extra food, the hosts insist that you take home the extras – This is fine. What isn’t ok is when you order more food after your meal to take home. That’s just @^%&#&#$!$&@!!!

6. Plus one (+1) only! Don’t bring your entire MOTHER F….ATHER family!

This is so simple, you’d think it’d be common sense. It’s just plain rude to go to an event with more than a +1 guest, especially if it’s unannounced.

Personally, we’ve had many events where we are told to bring, 4, 8, and event 10 or more people to an event; but this was all pre-arranged.

Showing up to an event with your entire family, unannounced, just gets you on the bad side of the organizers every time! Can you imagine coming to an event with Tatay, Nanay, Kuya, Ate, Baby and Yaya without informing the organizers first?! What a headache that’s gonna be for them! So yeah, don’t just go for a surprise +6, and you’re sure to see a lot of + points from the organizers.